Single Desk
A single desk is a workstation for one that is great when furnishing a private office, as this desk fits conveniently in a corner and enhances productivity, due to its ergonomics. This desk serves as an add-on for easy scalability.

Double Desk
A double desk is a workstation for two employees, usually fashioned for side-by-side seating, which helps in collaborating with your neighbor. This desk serves as an add-on for easy scalability.

Standing Desk
The standing desk is popular due to the health benefit it provides. These desks are either adjustable, with the ability to be used while seated or standing (see sit-to-stand desks), or static elevated desks to be used for standing and working, only.

Executive Desk
An executive desk is a high-end, premium piece of furniture usually reserved for any office space or study. It is spacious, with lots of practical add-ons for extra storage. Although, this is an ideal premium workstation for one, it takes up a lot of space.

Key Desk
A key desk is designed for individual workspaces. It is engineered for both style and function by including details like a compartment for power and, a drawer that can be positioned on either side.

Writing Desk
A writing desk comes with a large tablespace that gives ample elbow room for working on a laptop, drawing, and writing. This minimalist design works well in almost any kind of space.

L-shaped Desk
Designed to maximize table space and fit in a corner, the L-shaped desk is usually used at the reception of an office, where electronics such as printers and scanners can be kept. These come with storage options, such as shelves and drawers, which can be used to keep stationery and office supplies.

Sit-to-stand Desk
A more versatile version of the standing desk, the sit-to-stand desk can be adjusted in height so that you have the option to either sit, or stand at work. It is a good option for those who spend long hours in front of the computer.