Home Office Essentials from CasaOne that Optimize Productivity without Pinching the Pocket

The global pandemic disrupted the way work, among other things. COVID-19, has undeniably changed the world we live in, perhaps forever. While it might have been a struggle in the beginning, ‘work from home’ is a routine we have all willfully adapted to. The normalization of remote working has opened our eyes to the wonders of work-life flexibility and technological collaboration. As companies rethink their physical footprints, it is clear now more than ever how necessary a home office really is. A makeshift work area is hardly ideal when you need to power through those meetings or get important documents in order. An ideal home office setup pays attention to multiple factors like ergonomics, productivity and wellness. Once you’ve designated a space in your home, practical furniture choices take care of the rest. Browse our catalog of pre-loved home office furniture to find that one piece that will make you feel like a total boss. 

Why buy pre-owned furniture from CasaOne?

The CasaOne Store has an excellent collection of office desks, chairs and more, that while aiding you to work efficiently, also add personality to any space. Pre-owned furniture is not just a sustainability buzzword anymore, it can be a ‘value for money’ purchase that is high-quality on a low budget. This doesn’t have to be said, but yes the environmental impact is one that a modern conscious buyer should definitely consider. Gently used pieces of furniture have a story to tell and can be the perfect addition to a home. CasaOne’s enviable variety is sourced from premium brands that you know and love. Have the furniture delivered to your home in 3 to 5 business days and experience CasaOne’s signature convenience at a reasonable price. 

Just Another Day at the Desk 

home office desk

A good desk is the centerpiece of any work area but sitting behind a desk all day isn’t great for your health, which is why a standing desk is the way to go. Bring home a 47" Height Adjustable Desk, which allows you to effortlessly transition from sitting to standing with the nifty height-adjustable construction. The motorized motion is smooth and silent, allowing you to move it to any corner of the room in no time. When you feel like stretching out your legs, use the digital LED display with four memory buttons to set it to your preferred height - anywhere between 25” to 50”. Stylishly simple with a stain-resistant laminate top in natural oak, this makes for the perfect focal point in your new work area. What’s more? This desk is also GREENGUARD Gold certified. Simply plug this desk into a 15A outlet and get to work. 

Grab a Chair and Get to Work 

home office chair for best posture

A dining chair or a deck chair will simply not do when you need to get down to brass tacks. Given that you spend hours seated in front of a monitor, it is absolutely essential to invest in an office chair that ensures proper posture and supreme comfort. We have just the chair for you - a Director Comfort Office Chair from Zuo. The height-adjustable design also includes a swivel function for total flexibility and easy recline. The sturdy chrome base offers maximum lumbar support while the foam covered upholstery offers the ergonomic comfort you need to work long hours. The polished aluminum frame and black leatherette cover offers modern appeal to any room it is placed in. Don’t stress about spills and crumbs, clean-up is hassle-free with the easy spot-clean cover. 

Clear the Clutter 

While the world has increasingly gone digital, there are still a number of important documents that are tangible like receipts, legal agreements and other records. This paperwork needs to be organized in an easily accessible place. A filing cabinet can solve this problem and keep the clutter out of your way. Keep your essentials at hand in a 3-Drawer File Cabinet from Wayfair. This cabinet includes two utility drawers and one hanging file drawer, which offers you ample storage space for all your necessities. The sturdy powder-coated steel unit safeguards your documents effortlessly and features adjustable drawer dividers for added convenience. This easily portable unit includes two non-locking and two locking 360-degree swivel casters, so you can transport it to any corner of the room at any time. Painted a clean white, this understated cabinet is a seamless fit anywhere. 

Let There Be Light 

table lamp for your home office desk

Good lighting is an indispensable necessity for a work desk. The right desk lamp doesn’t just illuminate your workspace, it alleviates eye strain and doubles up as chic desk décor. If you prioritize versatility above everything else, the Harbor 26.5" Desk Lamp will make for a functional addition to your work area. The industrial design sports an inspired conical shade, a robust metal construction and a smooth black finish. This lamp is LED compatible and comes with an USB charging port for your convenience. 

Find Your Feet

Office hours are not just hard on the back, they are hard on your poor feet too. A complete home office includes a footrest that reduces the stress and strain. A Plush Ottoman from Zuo can do wonders for the desk dweller. Compact and contemporary in its very design, this ottoman is the poster child of minimalist style. Sleek with chrome steel tube legs and offering complete relaxation with a smooth leatherette top in black, this is the footrest to beat. 

Got Questions?

  • Can I trust the quality and hygiene of a pre-owned product?

All pre-owned products are properly sanitized with EPA/CDC-certified disinfection equipment or supplies before delivery. Products that are not under the clearance section are brand new and unused, while the clearance products are unboxed and can be used or unused and may sport some imperfections. 

  • What do I do if I’m unhappy with the purchase on delivery?

Please inspect the product thoroughly on delivery, if you think the furniture is not as expected, you can notify our delivery team at the time of delivery and they will take the items back, at no extra cost. In case you have accepted the delivery from your end and wish to return the products, you can write to support@casaone.com and the delivery team will pick it up for a restocking fee of $150 within 3 days of delivery.

  • Is there a delivery charge?

You can opt for free white-glove delivery services on all furniture orders above $175.