Your guide to furnishing a dream home when living alone on a budget

Moving into your first apartment comes with its very own set of challenges and the main hurdle is transforming the blank slate into your personal haven when the funds don’t match your expectations. Pre-loved furniture is a great option that helps you furnish your home without breaking the bank. Here’s how you can incorporate pre-owned pieces into your home. 

Visualize Your Space 

Having a plan is essential to decorating an apartment. Take the time out to think about how you want it to look, what vibe it should reflect to those who visit, and most importantly - how it functions for you. The essence of the furniture you choose to bring home lies in its utility. Think about what each corner can be used for and narrow down what you want it to be. Perhaps a nook is waiting to be a home office, add an elegant adjustable desk and build on it from that key piece of furniture. Maybe you have a kitchen island where you want to sit back and enjoy a leisurely meal, so find a set of dining chairs that work for your home and your budget. 

Essentials, Essentials, Essentials 

The key to budgeting your home decor is to prioritize the things you really need over what you want. Decorating an empty home can become an expensive affair without a strategy, so focus your finances on the basics. A simple list can look something like this - a comfortable sleeping spot, seating options, dining essentials and storage for your belongings. You cannot avoid these things, so invest in good bedroom furniture for a good night’s sleep, a sofa or sectional where you can entertain or binge watch your favourite show and a good dresser to hold your other items. 

Quality Over Quantity 

While it might be tempting to fill the room with tons of decor elements, it is important to practice restraint when it comes to frivolous buys and divert your hard-earned money on quality furniture. This doesn’t mean you splurge on cheaply made pieces but quality furniture doesn’t always demand the big bucks. Choose pre-owned furniture from trusted sources like the CasaOne Store to furnish your new home. These pieces have survived the test of time and come with the brand’s signature stamp of assurance as well as white-glove delivery and dedicated customer service. 

Make Strategic Choices 

Committed to the moodboard you’ve spent hours on? Don’t spend all your savings on the embellishments. Choose to shop pre-loved pieces to add character to your home and find gorgeous accessories at the CasaOne Store. While offering you something truly unique, that stunning piece of art or that stately vase is also available at a throwaway price. Do you think the living room is in dire need of a floor lamp? Opt for a sustainable buy that saves on resources and reduces waste without pinching your pocket. 

Repurpose to Your Liking 

Sometimes it can get difficult to locate that one thing that completes your space. Maybe you had your heart set on that sleek coffee table or you may be searching for that accent chair to complete your reading nook. Make a piece of furniture your very own with a little love and a smart DIY process. Choose to shop pre-owned pieces that cost relatively less and free you from the guilty attachment that comes with brand new furniture. Upcycle a humble nightstand with a fresh coat of paint in a funky color or repurpose an ordinary bench into an out-of-the-ordinary entryway perch with a printed fabric upholstery upgrade. Individualized pieces of decor have an allure like no other and can make for a great story. The customizing options are endless and all it takes is a solid piece to start with. 

Think Outside the Ordinary 

Get creative with how you choose to decorate your home. Think beyond the familiar rules of home decor and give thought to how you make ordinary pieces of furniture stand out. Choose things that can serve multiple purposes like an ottoman that can double up for linen and towel storage. Two side tables can make for a distinguished coffee table. A console table can work great as a display and as an entertainment unit. Bring home all-in-one items that are thrifty and help you make the most out of your home. 

Swap Out Tired Furniture 

Nothing downgrades the look and feel of a space like a dated piece of furniture that no longer serves a purpose. Choose pre-owned pieces from a catalog of beloved premium brands at the CasaOne Store. Depending on mum’s old couch to catch some sun on your balcony? Switch to a stylish outdoor seat at a fraction of the cost and pair it with the table you already have. Enhance overlooked corners that don’t quite fit into your budget with this simple hack.

Creating a home right out of a magazine doesn’t have to be a far-fetched dream with a few simple economic choices. A sustainably stylish home is well within reach with pre-owned pieces that offer timeless flair and save your precious resources. These hacks can make planning your decor revamp easier.


  • How can I furnish my house on a budget?

Picture perfect homes don’t need a huge budget, there are a number of economic solutions that can help you achieve your dream. The simple hacks help you decorate a grand house without grand spends. 

  • What are some DIY home furnishing ideas?

Home decor on a budget can definitely use some DIY furnishing. Pre-owned furniture frees you of guilty attachment and allows you to style it exactly how you want it. Paint your dresser a different color, create a stunning bench out of two chairs, make a cozy window seat with soft pillows or decoupage a lampshade. The possibilities are endless.

  • What are the basic needs of home furnishing?

Home furnishing on a budget can get tricky if you don’t plan out what your necessities are. Essentials must be prioritized over luxuries, so lay out what you need rather than what you want and focus your savings on that. Basic needs include a comfortable spot to sleep and unwind, a seating arrangement where you and your friends can catch up on your favorite shows and dining essentials to enjoy your meals.