Design service

At CasaOne, we believe that doing up your home should be a process you find joy in. Whether you’re thinking of ways to spruce up an empty corner, or decorating a new home from scratch, this is a project you should totally have fun with.

However, we’re all too familiar with how daunting and overwhelming this can be. It doesn’t help that there is a multitude of decor styles to pick from, and Pinterest is inundated with beautiful looks, all of which you want for your home. There’s also that nagging question (cue: nervousness) of “Where do I begin?”

If you’re reading this and nodding vehemently in agreement, then we’ve got just the fix for you. Say hello to CasaOne’s all-new Design Consultations, which will solve all your where-do-I-begin-doing-up-my-home concerns in a jiffy!

Here are 4 compelling reasons to give it a shot ASAP:

Find your personal design style

Discovering a home decor style that resonates with your personal aesthetic can mean that half your ‘decorating my home’ battle is won. With our personalized design consultations, decor and furniture suggestions, and photorealistic 2D and 3D visuals, zoning in on a home decor style is all kinds of convenient. Introduce a shabby chic Maximalist style, or minimal Mid-Century Modern decor, or pick from both sides of the spectrum if that's your thing; finding your personal style has never been easier!

Work with our in-house designers

Unsure of what kind of furniture will go with the vibe of your home? Or need help adding some much-needed zing to your bedroom? Talk to our in-house design experts about your doubts, ideas and preferences or even share your favorite Pinterest references with them. Our designers will help you understand and articulate your needs and elevate your home with their professional touch; the result of which will be a dream home you’ll love to live in.

See your ideas come to life, literally

Have snatches of furniture and decor ideas for your home? We can help you put them together and bring them to life with photorealistic 3D and 2D visualizations! To get started, all you’ll have to do is share photos, videos or even a floor plan of your home with us, along with CasaOne furniture pieces that you fancy. Our in-house experts will work their magic and show you life-like visuals of our furniture within your space — the perfect way to judge how it’ll turn out in your home IRL. It gets better! You can also ask us to make modifications according to your feedback, once we’ve shared your visuals with you.

Make decision making a breeze

We’ve all had our share of buyer’s remorse after making a large purchase that didn’t quite turn out the way we’d imagined it. By viewing our rental furniture placed within your home, you’ll be able to make informed choices about which pieces to pick (and which ones to drop) along with where and how to place them in your home. Goodbye, post-purchase blues!

What’s a home without furniture and decor that makes you happy? With CasaOne’s guided Design Service we can help you express your personal style, choose the perfect furniture pieces and bring to life a home that you’ll be proud to call your own! Visit the Design Consultations section of our website to get started right away.