transform your garden with outdoor furniture

Want to enhance your home garden so it looks like it belongs at a hotel? Here are some quick gardening hacks: upcycle some old furniture, create a DIY pond, add lighting, get planters in quirky colors, and furnish it with great furniture.

If you’ve always wanted to have a garden that is as lush and well-kept as a hotel garden but didn’t know where to start, this article is for you. With these easy tips and garden hacks, you can easily transform your garden into an outdoor sanctuary.

Creating the Perfect Home Garden

From upcycling old furniture, getting creative with paint or choosing the right plants for your space, these gardening tips for beginners are perfect for large or small gardens, and in some cases even the patio area. Read on for gardening tips to give your garden a budget-friendly makeover.

Upcycle Old Furniture

transform your garden with planters

An old sink, a worn-out ladder or even a broken cabinet door can breath some new life into your garden. Forget pots, get creative with your ideas for planters. An old sink, a broken mug or a dressing table can all make for interesting planters. Pallets are great for planting creepers or making a D.I.Y compost bin while broken cabinet doors can make quirky backgrounds that add a little personality to your garden.

Create A D.I.Y Pond

add a diy pond for garden hacks

Ponds are an inexpensive way to make your garden look expensive. All you need is a collection of pebbles and stones (found in most hardware stores) and a pond liner. Simply dig a hole in your garden and place a pond liner at the bottom for protection. Cover with pebbles and stones and fill with water! You could also use the extra pebbles and stones to create a border for your little pond. Set a garden bench or patio chairs beside your pond to create a hotel-worthy outdoor reading corner in your garden.

Light It Up

transform your garden with lights

Everything looks better with the right lights! Give your garden a soft glow with outdoor fairy lights. Not only are they available online all year round, they’re also inexpensive and can easily be turned on using a plug inside your home (so you won’t need an electrician). String them through trees or shrubs to make your garden look festive every day. If you prefer more subtle lighting, you could arrange some table lamps or lanterns on your patio table and other garden furniture. This may require you to install some plug points outdoors but for the garden upgrade, it’s definitely worth it!

Add Some Quirk With Planters

get the right pots gardening tips for beginners

You don’t need a green thumb to make your plants look good. Pick low maintenance plants such as succulents or creepers and let them grow like crazy. Plants don’t need much to look good but repotting them into fun planters might just be the upgrade your garden needs. From fun colors to odd shapes or even hanging pots, play around with planters to add a touch of trendiness to your garden.

You could also use chalk paint to paint existing pots to add pops of color to the space.

Don’t Neglect Your Patio

outdoor furniture as a home gardening tip

Your patio is often the first step into your garden and having a well-decorated patio gives you and your family/friends a cozy environment to enjoy your home garden. Since your patio is an extension of your home, you can bring your home decor style outdoors. Invest in good quality garden furniture such as coffee tables, outdoor sets, garden tables, garden sofas or even a garden swing. This will give you plenty of seating space. Add pops of personality and color with outdoor rugs in bold patterns or even some well-placed outdoor cushions to make your space more inviting.

If this is your first time setting up a patio and you’re hesitant on spending too much on outdoor furniture, furniture rental companies such as CasaOne may be just what you need to test the waters. With affordable high-quality garden furniture at affordable rental prices, CasaOne gives you a chance to see how much you love being outdoors before you buy your own furniture. Renting garden furniture is also a good option for people who live in parts of the country with a harsh winter season. You could just rent garden furniture for the nice, warm days of summer and return it before winter hits. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy your garden without spending a bomb on it.

Got Questions?

How to set up a garden?

Before you set up a garden, decide what you’d like to grow. Depending on what you’d like to grow, choose the location in your home where you’d like to set up your garden and plan your garden beds . Don’t forget to invest in basic gardening tools to give your garden a little extra TLC.

How to set up a raised garden bed?

Decide where you would like to place your raised garden bed and choose the material you’d like to use to build it. Next, position your boards and start stacking them up (make sure you add enough support!). Wet newspaper or cardboard and line the bottom of your frame. Finally, fill your bed with soil and start planting.

How to set up a vegetable garden?

As with any type of garden, first mark out the area where you want to set up. Next, till and turn the soil to make it adequate for planting. Add worm castings to fertilize your soil, mulch the seed beds with straw, and start planting.

How to set up a backyard garden?

Read the tips in this article to set up a cost-effective and gorgeous backyard garden that meets your needs.

How to set up a water fountain garden?

Depending on the type of water fountain you want to install, there are several tutorials online that give you step-by-step instructions on installing the water fountain of your choice.