A grey wall cabinet with a wooden top and multiple drawers and storage sections

The many benefits of home organization are secret to none. From making your home more beautiful and inviting to helping you better utilize your available space, home organization is a crucial part of managing your home. While home organization in itself is a vast process, storage and storage solutions are both essential components that play an equally important role in helping you make your home more functional and easy on the eyes. Given the all too human nature of hoarding, most people own more things than they can aesthetically store in their house. And without proper storage solutions, all that you own will end up being haphazardly stored around your home.

With proper storage space, you can also keep better track of everything you own and find it easily when needed. If you’ve limited storage space in your home but more stuff than you can fit in, we’ve put together exactly what you need. Here are some handy tips and tricks to maximize your storage space and better organize your belongings to keep your home neat and tidy.

How to Create More Storage Space In Your Home

Curtain Rings to the Rescue

One of the simplest storage ideas for small spaces is to utilize shower curtain rings to hang items you don’t have space for on the floor. The perfect spot to hang shower curtain rings on is the back of doors since you can use them without putting them bang in the middle of the room. From ties and belts to shopping bags and tea towels, curtain rings can just about hold everything. The best part about utilizing curtain rings to hang your belongings is that they are versatile in every sense of the word and can be used everywhere from the kitchen and bathroom to your dining area and bedroom.

A neat and well organized kitchen area with wall shelves

Magnetic Desk Organizers

With work from home becoming the new normal, most homes have taken on the additional spatial responsibility of being a productive workspace. But to ensure you work peacefully and without distractions, you need to organize your work desk as best as possible. Use magnetic desk organizers to ensure your paper clips and other office supplies stay secure in their containers and can be utilized when needed. Another handy trick to increase the storage space in your home office is by using file cabinets. With a couple of file cabinets tucked neatly under your work desk, you can store all your office belongings safely without cluttering or taking up too much space.

Entrance Organization

While a cliche, the first impression is important and needs to be a consideration when organizing your home. Generally, the entrance becomes a dumping ground of sorts for everything from shoes and umbrellas to shopping bags and winter gear, giving it an unkempt and disorganized appearance. To remedy this, ensure you provide visible storage options at your home entrance by the way of hooks, in-built storage, a shoe rack, and even a storage bin. A combination of these storage options can go a long way in helping you organize your entrance better and make it appear tidier.

A wooden wall mounted cabinet and a washbasin with additional storage space

Dedicated Clutter Cabinet

Clutter is arguably one of the biggest space eaters in your home. And clutter doesn't just include random artifacts and knick-knacks that serve no real purpose but also everything that doesn't need to be visible to be useful. For instance, electrical wiring, tapes, and other household items that are used annually, and other personal belongings that occupy too much space can be labeled as clutter. To manage all this clutter, you need a dedicated cabinet where you can store it all. With all the clutter stored inside a cabinet, you can free up a lot of floor area that can be used to make your home prettier, like a stunning floor lamp or a beautiful sculpture.

Storage-Friendly Furniture

If you're looking for ways to maximize the storage space in your home, there's no better option than furniture with additional storage space. From beds with storage to couches that can be used to store your belongings, there are numerous furniture options with storage facilities. Ottomans and coffee tables in the living room are also popular choices for storage-friendly furniture and you can find plenty of beautiful options that match your existing home aesthetic. The additional storage you get with these furniture options can be used to store all the items you don't use daily. Another way to save space with furniture is by refurbishing old furniture instead of buying new items.

These are some of the ways how you can increase the storage space in your home and better organize your space to make it visually appealing and functional. Maintaining a clean home is crucial to a clean and neat home and having proper storage space is a big part of the equation. If you have limited space in your home, another great way to save space is by renting home furniture instead of buying it. CasaOne offers top-notch furniture for rent from some of the most popular brands available and our rental plans are both flexible and affordable. Rent home furniture from CasaOne and take advantage of our superior furniture collection and customer-friendly benefits. Check out our rental furniture collection here or get in touch with us for a free-of-cost explanatory design consultation with our in-house experts.


  • How to maximize storage space in the living room?

The easiest way to maximize storage space in the living room is by opting for furniture with storage space. Sofas, couches, ottomans, coffee tables are some of the common living room furniture products available with additional storage space. Rent living room furniture from CasaOne and get space-saving furniture from the best brands at affordable rates.

  • How to organize lots of things in a small storage space?

You can organize more things in small storage spaces by utilizing the walls. Get a wall cabinet or hang hooks on the wall to hang your personal belongings like clothes and shopping bags. The key to organizing more things in a small space is smart space planning and using furniture that doubles as storage space.

  • Can I store things without them being visible to other people?

If you don’t want your stored items to be visible at all, you should ideally get yourself a dedicated storage shed where you can house all your clutter without it being visible. If that’s not possible, get artistic storage boxes that can hold your stuff and add some visual appeal to your living space. Furniture with a storage facility is also a great option for storing items without making them visible.

  • Can I use side tables for storage purposes?

Yes, you can side tables to store your items. Most side tables are similar to mini cabinets or feature a pull-out drawer where you can store your things. Given their size, side tables can only be used to store small items like your small electronic devices and any other essential items you use regularly like your reading glasses.