lighting for your home

Your home interiors are made up of many different elements and lighting is amongst the most crucial. Often overlooked in favor of the more visual components like the color palette, furniture, and furnishings, lighting is a crucial layer of your interior design that doesn’t just bring your home to life but forms an important part of how people enjoy a room. No matter how beautiful your home is, without proper lighting none of it will be visible. With the right lighting, you can also highlight certain sections of your home that deserve special attention. Good lighting can instantly transform the vibe of your home and even something as small as a change in the color of the lightbulb can transform your home interiors from upbeat to atmospheric. Apart from simply illuminating your home, lighting also helps in creating the perfect mood and ambiance in your space.

Figuring out the lighting plan during the home design phase is important since once the drywall goes up, switching up electrical wiring becomes a lot of work. If you’re evaluating the lighting choices for your home, here are 5 factors you must consider to make the right call.

Things To Consider When Choosing LIGHTING FOR YOUR HOME

Theme Finalization

Before you start thinking about the kind of lighting to get for your home, lock in the theme or aesthetic you’re planning for. There are different design aesthetics you can choose from including rustic, contemporary, mid-century modern, Scandanavian, bohemian, industrial, and more. Once you zero in on the theme for your home, it’ll be much easier to find lighting options that fit your set theme. For instance, if you’re going with a rustic aesthetic, your floor lamps and other lighting fixtures can be wooden and old-school instead of gleaming metals and glass. By using lighting fixtures that complement your home aesthetic, you can make your interiors more seamless and well-flowing, and better looking, in general.

A bright dining area with modern furniture and an overhead ceiling lamp

Size & Proportion

Another important thing to consider when choosing the lighting for your home is whether the lighting is proportional to the size of the space. It’s recommended to get an image to scale of the lighting fixtures in your space to help you visualize the flow of light and check the proportion and synergy in the room. Getting the proportions to match the size of your space is important since you need to have the perfect amount of light in your home. Too little light will keep your home in the dark while too much light can overwhelm the space and pull attention from anything else you might want to highlight. Scaling is a crucial part of lighting your home and is often overlooked in favor of the more visual elements like the color of the light and the design of the fixture.

Temper the Brightness

When choosing the lighting for your home, never go with an option that shines in the eye. Any light that’s too bright won’t just tire your eyes but also make the rest of the room look off-color. Your light fixtures should provide just the right amount of light to illuminate your space and enhance visibility rather than overwhelming the space and being a pain in the eyes. Ideally, you should opt for lighting fixtures that have shades since that helps temper down the brightness but if you’re getting an exposed bulb, ensure you get something in shades of yellow since that helps reflect warmth and isn’t too bright.

A dining room with wooden furniture and a glass ceiling lamp


Getting a dimmer system can do wonders for your interiors and help you exercise complete control over your room’s character. Irrespective of your budget or the size of your room, getting a dimmer is essential when choosing the lighting for your home. A dimmer system doesn’t just allow you to alter the lighting in your home according to your mood, event, and time of day, but also allows a level of flexibility that simply isn’t possible with a traditional lighting system. Dimmers are great energy savers as well and, if used correctly, can help you save a lot on your electricity bill. The best part about a dimmer system is that it’s easy to use and an honestly inexpensive add-on that offers way more value than its cost.

Personal Taste

At the end of the day, it’s your home and the lighting you choose needs to reflect your tastes and preferences. Do ample research online to identify different lighting fixtures that are currently available in the market. Vist hotels, restaurants, and your friends and family’s houses for more inspiration on the kind of lighting fixtures you can potentially go for. Remember, you’ll be seeing these lighting fixtures daily so pick something soothing and pleasing to your eye. You can also engage the services of an interior designer to help you find the right lighting for your home.

Keep these factors in mind when shopping for your home lighting and you’ll find the perfect lights for your home. Stay patient, do the right amount of research, and bring home beautiful lighting fixtures that don’t just illuminate your space but also double as decor items. If you’re looking for premium quality lighting and lamps for rent, CasaOne is the perfect choice. We offer you access to lighting fixtures for rent from some of the most popular brands in the business at affordable rates. Our rental plans are super flexible and you can easily replace your rented lamps with our hassle-free returns and replacement policy. CasaOne also offers professional interior design services to help you do up your home in the perfect style. Get in touch with our in-house design experts to learn more about what we can do for you.


  • How to decorate with lights at Christmas?

Here are some ways you can decorate with lights at Christmas: use a single string of lights to decorate the entrance, drape the lights around the awning and potted plants, and outline your front door as well. You can also drape lights around the wreath on your front door and the windows as well.

  • How to remove old recessed house lighting?

Removing old recessed house lighting can be challenging. First, unscrew the old bulb from the housing of the recessed lighting. Then, remove the old trim from the housing’s outer ring. Next, squeeze the side spring clips and remove the light housing. Finally, adjust the rear plate in the housing by loosening the wing nut that allows the adjustment.

  • How to attach string lights to the house?

There are many ways to attach string lights to the house. First, secure one end of the string lights to one of the cup hooks or with cable or twist ties if there’s no hook. Proceed with stringing the lights and draping them on the planters. To attach string lights to your wall, use wall hooks, nails, and thumb tacks to securely attach the lights to the perimeter of your desired wall.

  • How to hang lights on the house?

You can attach lights to your gutters by using an all-purpose light clip that works with all types of lights. Then, hang the lights pointing in the direction of your choice and ensure that they remain clipped in the same direction.