Sunlight reflecting off a wall in a room with neutral decor

Want to get more more natural light in your home? Here are some ideas:

  1. Add mirrors and let reflections work for you
  2. Choose lighter-colored decor
  3. Distribute your light fixtures
  4. Make doorways and windows larger
  5. Furnish with clear glass furniture
  6. Don't crowd your space with furniture

Read on to learn how you can use these tips to bring more natural light into your home.

As most of us are spending more and more time indoors, and as winter drags on, it is imperative that we increase our intake of natural light in our homes. From improving your mental and physical health to saving on energy, from making your space feel larger to accentuating the aesthetics of your room – the benefits of natural light in the home are countless.

These 6 ways of adding natural light to a room will help you beat those winter doldrums for good!

Let reflections do the work for you

Mirror, mirror on the wall, make my home the fairest of them all! If this is your wish, then anything that catches and bounces off a reflection is precisely what you need. Use mirrors to create the ideal illusion of natural light at home. Even if your windows are small, placing a large mirror strategically next to them or opposite a window will help bounce light throughout your space and brighten up any room. Even with no natural light, a mirror in a cramped area like your lobby or closet will illuminate it.

Tip: Use any surface that can catch a reflection. For example, silver frames for photographs, metallic finishes on furniture and accessories, and any other material that will give the room that extra shine it needs.

Consider a light color palette

Colors can absorb or reflect light and this is an important tip to remember if you want to increase the natural light in your home. Consider pastel, neutral, and light shades for your walls and ceiling so light can float around the room. You can choose to keep all four walls the same color and use the same in a shade lighter for your ceiling so the room appears taller and brighter.

If pastel tints are not your thing, you can still go with your favorite color as long as it is the lightest version of it. Think of pigments that remind you of nature and sunshine like yellow and light green.

Tip: Paint with a glossy finish will give you more reflection than a matte finish.

Distribute your light fixtures

If you do need to resort to artificial light, you can still make it work in a way that appears natural. Avoid one large light fixture that draws attention to itself, like a tube light or chandelier. Use table lamps of different shapes and sizes to distribute light across the room and that sit at eye-level. This will help the light blend harmoniously across your space. Floor lamps also add an extra level of brightness and will help reflect light from the floor and walls.

Table lamp on a metallic bedside table and bright room

Tip: Use light-colored lampshades and warm yellow lightbulbs that are comforting to the eye and mimic natural light. White, bright lights look artificial and showroom-like.

Make doorways and windows large

If you have the chance to make renovations to your home, expanding your doors and windows is a great way to bring in more light. If you have a wall or a pillar that causes light to get blocked, consider installing a window or even getting the whole fixture removed. If you don’t mind the lack of privacy or live in a relatively private neighborhood, you can eliminate the use of drapes for your windows, and use a net covering while you keep doors open.

Tip: Large doors and windows are something to keep in mind the next time you are on the move.

Use glass panels

Glass is a great way to ensure that natural light enters your home and stays there. And we’re not only talking about glass on your windows and doors. Glass tables and furniture add air to your room and let light pass through them easily. There’s nothing quite like waking up to a warm sunny glow, so make sure you keep all glass surfaces clean and clear so natural light can shine in without a filter.

Tip: Add a bright, sun-colored rug under your glass coffee table or dining table to give your room a fresher feeling.

Keep minimal furniture and decor

Use contemporary furniture and decorative accessories that are not only light in color, but light in size and shape as well. Bulky items will absorb light and take over any extra space that could be used for light fixtures instead. Natural light in your home needs to accentuate the items you own as well. Go for a single shade of sofa or bed as these will take up the most room, then add pops of bright hues using throws, cushions, and pillows in various bright colors and patterns.

Natural light reflecting in a furnished room

Tip: Angle large furniture items so that incoming natural light can bounce off of them, giving your space a wonderfully “lit” feel!

Bask in the light of your beautiful home

Getting a dark room to have more natural light can be a bit daunting at first, but with a bit of practice and conscious effort, anyone can do it. Natural light in our homes is so important for our overall well-being. These tips will get you started but if you need more help, our personalized design consultations will make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Explore our wide selection of lighting for your home at CasaOne. A bright and exciting home awaits you!

Got Questions?

How to enhance natural light in your home?

Use plenty of mirrors and reflective surfaces to help bounce natural light across your home and keep your rooms bright at all times. A light color palette and minimal furniture will also help absorb light.

How can I get natural light with artificial lamps?

Make use of table lamps that are positioned at eye level, and floor lamps that reflect warm, yellow light so it blends comfortably around your room.

What are some natural sources of light?

The sun and the moon are the best sources of natural light for our well-being. We can emulate these natural light sources by using warm lighting in our rooms and eliminating harsh fluorescent lights.

Where can I get natural reflecting light?

Use glass, mirrors, and metallics to easily reflect natural light into your home. Glossy and shiny surfaces will mimic light by reflecting and bouncing brightness across your rooms.