people covered in paint refurbishing furniture

There’s something about furniture that you restore on your own. Whether it’s the hours you put in, the use of your creativity or just the pleasure of creating something brand new from something old, the pride you feel seeing a piece of your restored furniture in your home is unmeasurable. Although refurbishing old furniture projects can be time-consuming, there are several pros to restoring your old furniture that far outweigh the cons.

Firstly, the largest investment in restoring furniture is your time, everything else is pretty cheap! You’ll be able to create brand ‘new’ furniture pieces for a fraction of the cost it would take to replace them. Secondly, you’ll be super proud at what you’ve achieved by the end of the project. Last but not least, you can get very creative with your refurbishing - so your piece will most likely be one-of-a-kind.

That said, buying new furniture is always a great way to refresh your space and CasaOne makes it very affordable by offering payment plans with 0% APR.

How to Refurbish Your Old Furniture

Whether you’re looking to refurbish some furniture you already have or are just doing some research, keep this handy list of refurbish hacks to make your projects easier.

The Old Oil & Vinegar Trick

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Restore old wooden furniture back to its former glory by mixing ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil with ¾ cup white vinegar. Use a cheesecloth to gently rub the surfaces of wooden furniture to remove water damage and give the wood a distinct shine.

Paint, Paint, Paint

used paint brushes for dining table and chair

One thing that’s a little more fun than restoring old wooden furniture is completely renovating old wooden furniture! The easiest way to do this is with a fresh coat of paint. Before you begin, don’t forget to completely sandpaper your furniture to remove any splinters and give you a nice, smooth surface to paint. Depending on the look and vibe you’re going for, you can choose between a matte or glossy finish. Pick a neutral shade like brown or black or if your decor allows for it, have fun with a rainbow of colors. You can even opt for a chalky finish to give your furniture a vintage feel.

Once you’re done painting, another refurbishing old furniture idea is - sand parts of your new painted creation to give your furniture a distressed feel.

Tile It Up

decorative tiles

Give broken coffee tables, dining tables and kitchen tables a breath of fresh air by gluing old tiles to their surface. Simply find tiles (they’re super cheap at hardware stores!) in a design you like or in a design that matches your other decor and make sure to use a strong glue - they sell glues specifically designed for tiles - to paste them to the surface. Bonus: Tiles are super easy to maintain - just wipe them down with a clean cloth and they’ll look as good as new!

It’s All In The Details

cabinet knobs

If you want to make a big difference with just a little effort, pay attention to the details. For example, you can completely change the way your kitchen looks by refurbishing old kitchen cabinets with stick-on wallpaper. You can also upgrade old chests and drawers by changing knobs, pulls and handles into more fun pieces.

Scrape & Save

outdoor chair

Restoring iron furniture requires a slightly different approach than restoring wooden furniture but they both produce spectacular results. Iron furniture, especially the pieces you keep outdoors like patio furniture, have a tendency to rust quickly. Use a scraper to remove rust from wrought iron furniture and paint it with water-proof paint to make it as good as new. This method also works well for iron home decor.

The Fabric Matters

rug options to place under sectional sofa

If you are tired of the way your dining chairs, bed headboards or even loveseat looks, give them a new lease of life with some upholstery renovations. Choose a fabric that you love and replace the worn-out upholstery on your furniture. You can add a touch of glamour by using fabrics like velvet or give your space a rustic vibe with floral fabrics. This is also a great way to redecorate your space and have your furniture match your new decor without forking out hundreds of dollars for new furniture.

Renovation of old furniture can often be a therapeutic process and many people enjoy doing it. However, it is time-consuming and not everyone lacks the patience to see a creative refurbishing old furniture idea to the end. Lucky for us, there are still plenty of affordable redecorating ideas. One of the easiest ways to make your place look brand new without spending a bomb is furniture rental! Companies such as CasaOne offer high-quality furniture at affordable monthly rates making it super-easy to redecorate your home without the time-investment of refurbishing. CasaOne also offers Design Services, where you’ll get to work with an in-house designer to create realistic visualizations of your home with your favorite CasaOne pieces in them. Rent only the ones you fall in love with!

Got Questions?

How to renovate old wooden furniture?

Give your old wooden furniture a new lease of life by sanding it down with sandpaper to give it a smooth surface and adding a fresh coat of paint. Make sure you also check for any wobbly bits and restore those pieces.

How to renovate old furniture?

There are several ways to renovate old furniture. You could paint it a new color, change the upholstery, add wallpaper to line drawers or even change old knobs to more stylish knobs. The only limit is your creativity.

Where to find old furniture to refurbish?

You could find old furniture at garage sales or simply scour online for people looking to get rid of their old furniture. You’ll be able score good deals on furniture you can restore as well. You can also buy pre-owned furniture from the CasaOne Store.

How to remodel old furniture?

There are several ways to remodel old furniture. You could paint it a new color, change the upholstery, add wallpaper to line drawers or even change old knobs to more stylish knobs. The only limit is your creativity.