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Setting up a home office has become a necessity of sorts with more people scrambling to find the perfect spot in their home for a dedicated workspace. An ideal home office needs to be two things; spacious and quiet. Unfortunately, finding both these qualities in your home when you’re sharing your space with others can be difficult. If you have a spare garage, it could be the perfect spot for your home office. Garages are typically separate from the house and offer plenty of space and peace, making them the ideal choice for your home office. But transforming a garage into an office can be a lot of work, especially if you haven’t used the garage in a while. To help you successfully convert your spare garage into an office, we’ve put together some useful tips and steps you must follow. Embark on your home office setup project by reusing your spare garage and create a workspace designed to boost your productivity.

How to Transform your Spare Garage Into a Home Office

Cleaning Drive

Start your home office project by cleaning out your garage. Most people end up dumping all their junk from over the years in their spare garage so chances are you’ll have a lot of stuff to go through. Take your time and go through all the boxes, tools, and anything else that’s stored in your garage, and get rid of anything you don’t need. Once you’ve thrown out all the junk, try and find creative ways to store the remaining stuff in your garage while ensuring you don’t use up too much space. An easy way to smartly store your garage belongings is by installing storage racks on the walls or getting shelves to store all your extra belongings in the attic or any other part of the house.

An all-white workstation with a table lamp, and a small green potted plant

Climate Control

Ventilation can be an issue since most garages aren’t designed with inhabitation in mind. If you reside in an area that experiences biting winters or blazing summers, your garage needs to be comfortable all year round. To ensure this, install well-insulated garage doors and remember to shut them properly every time you use them. Also, ensure your garage is well sealed during the winter and well ventilated during the summer. The great thing about working out of your garage is the lower heating and cooling bills since your HVAC devices won’t be used quite as much to control the temperature in your garage.

Paint Priority

There’s nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t fix. If you’re worried about your garage being too drab or uninspiring to work out of, giving it a new look, courtesy of bright colors, is the easiest and most budget-friendly solution. Even if your garage is generally well-maintained, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for its overall appeal and brighten up lifeless, stained walls. The best part? You don’t need to engage the services of a professional painter to repaint your garage. Grab a can of your preferred paint and a brush and embark on a weekend paint job. Remember to use bright, warm colors in your garage-turned home office since dark colors don’t do well during the day. Don’t want to experiment with too many colors? A coat of classic white will do the trick.

A workstation with a potted plant and a motivational frame, overlooking a window

Light It Up

If your garage doesn’t have windows and you don’t want the door open throughout the day, you’ll need proper lighting to make your home office functional. From table lamps and LED wall lights to floor lamps, there are numerous lighting options you can choose from depending on your needs and the kind of space available in your garage. Even if you don’t need light during the day, we’re all too well aware of extended workdays that can stretch into the night. Ensure your garage home office has plenty of light sources to enable you to work at any time of the day or night. When choosing between white and yellow lighting, consider the availability of natural light in your home. If you’ve plenty of natural light already, opt for yellow lighting and if there’s a distinct lack of natural light in your home office, white light is the ideal choice.

Tech Check

Home offices don’t just include a work desk and an office chair. There are many devices and other equipment that need to be plugged into the appropriate power source to create a functional workspace. Check all the power points in your spare garage and ensure they work well before starting work. When setting up your office in a garage, do a test run of sorts and check everything including the power supply, quality of internet connection, and length of electrical wiring. If you need to make regular calls during work, ensure you have access to a proper mobile network in your garage and install a router or modem if you don’t.

Furniture & Furnishings

Amongst the most important elements of a home office is the furniture. The quality of your work desk and chair have a direct impact on your productivity and, more importantly, your spinal health. Take your time when choosing home office furniture and only pick a desk and chair that meet your specific requirements. Getting options with adjustable height is also a great way to ensure you don’t end up with a chair or table that’s too tall or short. Apart from the furniture, how you furnish your office is also important. Add wall art, photo frames, and other memorabilia to add some personality to your workspace and prevent it from becoming too drab.

Follow these essential tips to transform your space garage into an office and start working from home in the best way possible. If you’re unsure about how to proceed with your home office project, you can also hire an interior designer. CasaOne offers professional interior design services to help you bring your design aspirations to life with minimal effort. We also offer premium quality home office furniture for rent to help you furnish your office with excellent options without worrying about their cost. Browse our home office furniture collection right away or learn more about our furniture rental services.

got questions?

  • How to convert a garage into an office?

There are many steps involved in converting a garage into an office including clearing out the garage, space planning and designing your home office, checking the wiring and internet connection, sourcing the right furniture and other office equipment, decorating the space to make it more inviting and productive, and repainting the walls in bright colors.

  • Can I set up a workstation in my garage?

Yes, if you have a spare garage with enough space, you can easily set up a workstation inside with a few simple steps. If you’re unaware of how to proceed, hire a professional interior designer from CasaOne and get them to design the perfect workstation for you in your garage.

  • What furniture is required to transform a garage into a home office?

You need tall shelves and cabinets to store all your garage items safely without taking up too much space. Apart from this, you need actual home office furniture including a work desk, an office chair, a couple of file cabinets to store your office files, a keyboard, and a monitor as well.

  • Can I have a car park and home office both in the garage?

Yes, you can park your car and have a home office in the same garage but only if your garage is big enough. A small garage with a car parked inside is not the best place for an office setup since your office needs to be spacious and functional.