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Home renovation is the process of making your home more beautiful and comfortable with a combination of structural and cosmetic changes. Renovating your home is a massive undertaking both financially and in terms of the time taken but the result can be more than worth all the effort. When embarking on a home renovation project, you need to have a clear idea of what you want your home to look like. Without a proper vision board and plan of action, your renovation project won’t reap the rewards you expect.

A botched home renovation project can leave your home worse than when you started and that’s something you want to avoid. To help you renovate your home in the best possible way, here are a few home renovation tips you must consider.

Home Renovation Tips For A Beautiful Home

# Break It Down: Effective planning translates to an effective result and that’s especially true for home renovation since there is a lot of work involved. To make your job easier, segregate your home into different sections and tackle the renovation work for each of these sections individually. This not only helps you focus on each section in isolation but also helps you better manage your time and resources. If you’re planning to engage the services of a professional interior designer, they’ll handle the planning part but you can still divide your home into different sections and get them to design each section separately. CasaOne offers interior design services to help you set up your home interiors just the way you want but without worrying about the different aspects of the process.

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# Budget Makeover: If you don’t want to renovate your entire house and have a specific space in mind that needs an uplift, you can opt for a budget makeover. This involves making a few budget-friendly alterations to your chosen space without any major structural changes. For instance, if you want to renovate your bathroom, you can switch out the cabinet color, change the color of the walls, add a couple of wall cabinets, and maybe add a shower curtain that doubles as a partition. These simple modifications can completely change the look and feel of your room without costing too much time or money.

# Thorough Research: You’ll be surprised with just how many interior design and furniture ideas are available all around you in other homes, shops, magazines, and home decor websites. Before you begin work on your home renovation plan, take a deep dive into the world of home decor, interior design, and furniture, and conduct thorough research. With proper research, you can be introduced to design concepts or furniture or decor items you didn’t even know existed. Apart from these surprises, proper research allows you to take a step closer to your dream home and makes the planning and implementation stages much easier. Even when you shop for decor items or furniture online, browse through different collections till you find something interesting and doesn’t opt for the first thing you see.

# Door Hack: Doors are a major part of your home and the first thing visitors notice upon arriving at your place. If you’re looking for a quick home renovation project, start with modifying your doors. There are two ways you can go about renovating a door; you can either replace your doors entirely and change up the style and pattern or if your existing door is in good condition, simply repaint it to create a fresh new look. When considering the paint color for your door, opt for a shade that’s at least 50% lighter than the color of the walls for the best effect.

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#Storage Solutions: A big part of home renovation projects is decluttering the house and finding new ways to store your belongings without creating a mess. The kitchen and bathroom, in particular, often end up being messy because of a lack of storage space. Remedy this during the home renovation project by creating additional cabinets and storage spaces wherever possible. If you’re working on the renovation project yourself, you can DIY cabinets from recycled materials or get something appropriate from a thrift shop. If you choose to use recycled materials to create new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, you don’t just save a lot of money but also do your part in helping to protect the environment.

# Budget Floor Renovation: Tired of the way your floor looks? Your home renovation project is the perfect opportunity to revamp your floors. But redoing the floor is quite expensive since the original floor needs to be dug out and replaced with the new one. A more budget-friendly option is to use carpets on top of the floor to give it a fresh new look. If you’re not in favor of covering up the entire floor area with carpets, you can opt for floor rugs in exciting patterns to upgrade your floors. Another cheaper option to avoid a full-scale flooring installation is to remodel everything else to suit your floor design. You can rent rugs and carpets for your home from CasaOne and choose from our fabulous collection of floor area rugs and carpets.

# Paint & Light: The color of your walls majorly impacts the lighting in your house and you need to consider this during your home renovation project. Remember, too much of a single shade can overpower your space and make it appear darker. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend additional money on different colored pallets, opt for classic black and white pallets. This will give your home the effortless modern look and you can never really go wrong with black or white.

When renovating your home, you’ve numerous options to choose from including the color pallet, furniture, decor item, and even the placement of the different objects in your home. Start with a concrete plan that incorporates all your expectations and involves the services of a professional interior designer to help you out. If you’re worried about purchasing expensive furniture and decor items for your home renovation, we have the perfect solution for you. Rent furniture from CasaOne and bring home premium-quality furniture without worrying about its cost. Browse our rental furniture collection right now or get in touch with our in-house designers for an exploratory call.

Got questions?

  • How to design my home?

The easiest way to design your home is by engaging the services of a professional interior designer. If you want to design your home on your own, look at design websites and magazines for inspiration to get started. Come up with a plan of action, source the materials, and either start working on the renovations yourself or hire contractors for the job.

  • How to design my home office?

The key to designing your home office is zeroing in on its location. Once you’ve finalized the location, you can start bringing in the chair and desk and figure out the optimal placement for each item. Add a file cabinet and a desk lamp, and you’re done!

  • How to renovate my home?

To begin renovating your home, first identify which parts of your home you want to upgrade. Once you have that list, start tackling each of these parts individually, and depending on your budget and requirements, you’ll either opt for structural changes or visual changes. If you’re having trouble figuring out the home renovation process, you can consult a professional interior designer from CasaOne.

  • What are the basic needs for a home renovation?

The basic requirements for home renovation are as follows: a plan of action, raw materials for the actual work, contractors if you’re making any structural changes, and furniture and decor items for your home’s new look.

  • Where can I get a home design consultant?

You can get a home design consultant both online and offline. CasaOne has an in-house team of professionally trained home design consultants that can help you with your home renovation project with the utmost ease.