Spruce up the empty spaces in your home

Is that empty corner in your home secretly bothering you?

Fact — we all have that one awkward or unusually bare corner in our bedroom or living room, that we’ve been putting off addressing. Thankfully, there are umpteen ways of using this space in a meaningful way; it’s also possible to add your personal touch to it!

Here are our favorite ideas to transform an empty corner of your home into a nook that inspires.


When in doubt, shelf it

Spruce up your empty corner with wall shelves

To put it plain and simple — we love a great shelf. Period. What’s not to love? It brings in a new visual dimension to your space and gives you storage to house plants, books, and other odds and ends. We fully endorse further personalizing this nook with souvenirs from vacations and little objects that are so very ‘you’!

Chest of drawers that make a statement

stunning accessories on a teal nightstand

If maximalism is your kind of style, then more storage can only mean good news! Put that empty corner to good use by adding a stylish chest of drawers to it; we’re crushing on the charming green that’s showcased in the picture above. Go the extra mile and beautify it with wall art and a vase full of dried wheat stalks — and suddenly your drab corner is the focal point of your room! You can thank us later!

Think smart, think vertical

If you’re living in a small-sized apartment, be sure to maximize all that vertical space cleverly. A ladder-style bookshelf or a ladder by itself can be a visually appealing addition to your empty corner. If you’re going with the latter, you can use it to hang up a throw blanket or even cute polaroids to make your room look warm and inviting.

Floor your guests with old school art

Not a fan of a cliched gallery wall? You can still prettify an empty corner by propping up vintage art pieces on the floor. This looks especially eye-catching if you play around with the height of the artwork and bunch them up together interestingly. When you’re hosting, place beanbags and poufs as seating for your guests to soak up this corner’s unique visual appeal.

There’s no such thing as too many reading nooks

An accent chair and a floor lamp might be our go-to fix for an uninspiring corner in your room. A brightly colored chair and a floor lamp are a match made in heaven and are bound to amp up the glam quotient of your room. What you’ll have as a result is a stunning-looking nook that’s ideal for reading and relaxing in general.

Jump on the cane basket bandwagon

Cane and jute baskets of different shapes and sizes are having their moment if you haven’t spotted them on Pinterest and Instagram already — but we think they’re more than just a passing fad. If you’re looking for a quick fix that’s also impactful, we recommend propping them up in pairs — their texture and form are sure to uplift that corner you’ve been meaning to spruce up.

Show off your green thumb

Plants here, plants there, plants everywhere…if this sounds like music to you, then go on and covert that empty corner into your own mini urban jungalow. The bigger the better, so opt for an oversized monstera or fiddle fig to adorn this space and bunch up little cacti and succulents to complete the look!

Make that empty corner your hang-out spot (Pun intended!)

Have an empty corner by the window that could desperately use a do-over? Suspend a swing chair from the ceiling and you have extra seating space that also happens to be incredibly pretty to look at. The furry throw and the cushion placed over it make this corner a strong contender to become your ‘Happy Place.’

Mirrors mean more style & more space

A full-length stylish mirror is not only going to elevate the look of that vacant corner but also create an illusion of more space. Those who live in micro-apartments, we hope you’re taking notes!

Liked our ideas for beautifying an empty corner at home? Give them a shot and send us pictures of how they turn out! Tag @casaoneus on Instagram and we’ll be sure to feature our favorites.

Got Questions?

  • How to create an art-filled space at home?

Pick a bare wall or even floor space (as suggested above) to place your favorite pieces of artwork. Make sure the artwork you pick is personalized — for instance a painting style that you love, or even posters of shows, bands, or artists you admire.

  • How to organize an office space at home?

If you’ve got a bare corner by a window, you can use it to organize a home office. All you’ll need is a desk and an ergonomic chair to get started with this space.

  • What types of partitions are best at home?

Partitions or wall dividers can be used to create privacy in a small room or help define a new area in a large-sized one. If you’re looking to add one to your space, you can buy a wall divider or also use a wide console table or a display unit to create an illusion of a partition.