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Home decoration is somewhat of a paradox in that it's meant to be personal and reflective of your tastes and preferences but to delight and impress people who visit your home. Your home decor is made up of the different elements that work together to create a warm and beautiful living space. The decor items you pick for your home are physical representations of your personal preferences and help make the home more comfortable for you and visually appealing for visitors. Given the different elements involved in decorating a home, putting it all together can rack up quite a bill, especially if you want only premium quality decor items in your home. From small things like clocks and mirrors to literally (and figuratively) big ones like a TV unit and area rugs, there are many decor items you can choose from to beautify your home.

If you want to give your home a stunning makeover or are moving into a new home and planning to decorate it from scratch, you’ll need plenty of decor items and furnishings to do a good job. A more budget-friendly approach is to go with DIY home decor. As the name suggests, do-it-yourself home decor ideas involve your direct participation and involve a fraction of the cost of buying new decor items. We have put together some handy DIY ideas to help you decorate your home in style.

Budget-Friendly DIY Home Decor Ideas

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DIY Home Improvements

The most popular way to give your home interiors a new look is by embarking on a DIY home improvement project. There are tons of easy DIY projects you can choose from including vinyl or linoleum flooring installation, hardwood flooring installation, adding a deck, kitchen backsplash installation, and the easiest of all, repainting your interiors. All these different options cost anywhere between $300 to $1000 which works out to be much cheaper than engaging the services of a professional. If you do choose to work on a DIY home improvement project, do proper research, find reliable vendors for all the raw materials, and if you have the time, do a small practice run to prepare yourself.

Furniture Rearrangement

A slight modification can dramatically alter the look and feel of your room and one of the easiest ways to do just that is by rearranging your furniture. A good example of how furniture placement can change the dynamics of a room is a sofa or couch that has its back to the entrance door and blocks traffic. All you need to do is move the sofa or couch to the opposite wall to enhance the flow of traffic and create a new focal point in the room. Switching out the chairs, placing a vase on the coffee table, and adding new upholstery to your dining room chairs are just some of the ways in which you can alter the arrangement of furniture to great effect. If you want to opt for a minimalist design, you can also remove furniture from a room and place it elsewhere.

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Wallpaper Upgrade

One of the simplest ways to decorate your home and give it a fresh new look is by using wallpaper. All you need is a wallpaper that goes well with your existing design aesthetic and some adhesive to stick it to the wall and voila! You’ve got yourself new-looking interiors. If you don’t want to buy wallpaper, you can also create your own and engage the artist in you. Creating your wallpaper also gives you the freedom to craft any design, pattern, and color you want without engaging in tiring searches online or offline. DIY wallpapers are a lot of work though, especially if you’re planning to cover your entire living room, dining area, and bedroom. Go with this option only if you have a lot of free time, patience, and the necessary skills. Also, get a wallpaper that contrasts with your decor and doesn’t overpower it.

Repurposed Furniture & Furnishings

An old wooden ladder used as a bookshelf in a rustic living room or a sink vanity crafted out of a dated cabinet is just some of the ways you can repurpose old furniture to give it new life and purpose. Got an old table? Repaint it and reuse it as a work desk in your home office. The choices of reusing furniture are truly endless. Not just furniture but furnishings and decor items can also be repurposed. Switch out your living room curtains with your bedroom curtains for a new look or change up the cushion covers of your living room couch for an interesting visual upgrade. Rugs, clocks, mirrors, lamps, and vases are some of the decor items you can repurpose and use in another part of your home or repaint and reuse in the same space.

Fresh Paint

Painting happens to be amongst the easiest DIY home decoration projects you can embark on. All you need is a couple of cans of paint, a few appropriate brushes, and a weekend set aside for your painting project. With the right paint color, you can transform a room in a matter of hours without spending a truckload. At max, a gallon of good quality paint will cost you $35 and you can paint an entire medium-sized room with 2 gallons of paint. There are different ways you can bring some personality to your paint project including using a stencil to create complex patterns, painting stripes on the walls, color washing, rag rolling, and many others. Each of these painting techniques gives a unique result and you should make your choice depending on the kind of vibe and aesthetic you’re hoping to create. Also, be mindful of the color you pick since that significantly impacts the quality of your interiors.

These budget-friendly DIY home decor ideas are designed to be easy to implement and you don’t need special training to complete them. Just work on a plan of action, picture the result, and work hard to achieve it. If you’re having trouble decorating your home, we have the perfect solution for you. CasaOne offers professional interior design consultations to help you decorate and design your home in the best way possible. Our in-house experts will have in-depth discussions with you to help design a plan suited to your needs and work with you to bring the plan to life. You can also rent premium-quality furniture from CasaOne and furnish your home with beautiful furniture at a fraction of its original cost. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary exploratory design consultation.


  • How to decorate your entryway with DIY ideas?

Your entryway is an important part of your home and needs to look beautiful and inviting. Some ways you can decorate your entryway are setting up a small chair or bench, using a wall covering, defining the space with a rug, adding a small console table, decorating the area with plants and vases, and using statement lighting fixtures.

  • How to DIY mirror decorating ideas?

One of the simplest ways to decorate your mirror is by changing its frame. You can paint the frame a different color, create a new frame, and even add embellishments to the old frame. You can also decorate the mirror with fabric flowers and vinyl word art.

  • What are some budget-friendly DIY decor ideas?

Some budget-friendly DIY decor ideas for your home include using one of the walls to create a gallery, adding a splash of color to your living space, adding plants and flowers in the living room and dining area, displaying artifacts and knick-knacks from memorable trips for a personal touch, and employing cozy lighting to make your home more inviting.

  • Which decor items are ideal for a budget-friendly room decoration?

Decor items that are perfect as budget-friendly room decorations are string lights, mason jar wall decor, bedside shelves, small potted plants, a makeup mirror, a cute bookshelf, and different types of lighting fixtures.