Valentines day theme with light

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re feeling the lurve. Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day on the 13th (Parks and Rec style), or V’day with your S.O. or simply by yourself (‘cos, self-love is everything!) — Valentine’s Day can be oodles of fun.

Here, we’ve rounded up some adorable ways to make your home feel all kinds of dreamy and romantic for the season of love. If you are big on painting the town red and pink — as Valentine’s tradition suggests — we’ve got you; and if you’re the low-key kind who loves understated and zero-effort V-day themed decor ideas, we’ve got your back too! Keep reading for CasaOne’s essential list of Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

A hearty little welcome

faux form wreath on the door

If too many frills aren’t really your style, this wreath with faux foam roses is an inexpensive and fun way to lend romance to your home. All you’ll need is a heart-shaped wire-frame, some hot glue, and a few foam roses to piece this together.

Flowers aren’t always cliche

vase with fresh flowers

Sure, Valentine’s Day is all about roses in red and pink, but we’re also loving the idea of adorning your home with fresh seasonal blooms. With spring around the corner, you can ask your neighborhood florist for seasonal flowers — ‘cause there’s a chance that those roses are going to be sold out or might be an expensive affair close to Valentine’s Day. Opt for orchids or hyacinths, or pick a flower you know your S.O. will appreciate! We’ve got the loveliest vases to place your fresh flowers in; to rent them, explore our website.

A cheesy/cheeky blackboard message

If Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance for you to bring out the big romantic in you once a year, then a cute blackboard with a message will just do the trick. Not the sentimental kind? You can always write a cheeky note about an inside joke between your partner and you.

A very Valentine’s appropriate mantle

We’re low-key crushing on The Crafting Chicks’ mantle filled with V-day themed garlands and wall prints. We love the use of classic Valentine’s Day colors and how cleverly they’ve been used against an otherwise neutral backdrop. They’ve created a felt garland and a circular wreath out of pom-poms! We’d like this mantle to be our Valentine, to be honest.

Bring out the candles

Don’t like the idea of mushy Valentine’s decor? You can still create an intimate mood by placing scented candles around your home. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your mum, by yourself, or with your partner — candles are a pretty perfect way to say ‘Love is in the air’. CasaOne’s antique brass candle holders are as chic as they come. Rent them on our website to upgrade your Valentine’s decor from plain and simple to effortlessly regal.

The wine and cheese board aesthetic

Here’s another idea for those who aren’t looking to veer into lovey-dovey Valentine’s territory: organize an elegant wine night for your partner. Just throw in some white candles, and a cheese board to make it a night to remember.

Not your typical Valentine’s color palette

Not all Valentine’s Day decor needs to come in shades of pink. We’re loving the cozy vibe of this setup, which comes in unexpected colors that work just as well!

We hope our versatile mix of Valentine’s Day decor ideas and tips inspires you to create a memorable day, no matter how you’re celebrating. At the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is not so much about lavish plans and gifts, as much as it’s about celebrating love in every form. Here’s to making the little things count and having a fab Valentine’s Day!

Got questions?

  • What decor items can I use to surprise my partner?

If you’re looking to create an elaborate Valentine-themed setup, our ideas above should help! However, if you’re looking to keep it simple and fuss-free, you can use scented candles, fresh flowers, or balloons to create an intimate mood in your home.

  • Which part of my home would be ideal for a V-Day celebration?

You can use your living room or bedroom to celebrate V-day. If you’re planning to have a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner, you can organize it in your balcony or dining area.

  • What are some budget-friendly gifts for V-Day?

We love the idea of gifting consumables — a wine bottle, some cheese, or a box of chocolates. If you’re looking to keep it inexpensive, you can buy your S.O a fresh bouquet of flowers too. Alternatively, you could gift them chic decor from CasaOne; to explore our collection visit our website.