study zone

At CasaOne, we believe a great study zone is one that helps you meet your goals and also makes you go... “Goals!”. However, to make sure your study is designed for success, many factors come into play— from comfort, lighting, noise cancellation, to ideas for sharing your space with a sibling or roommate. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work and given a great deal of thought to each of these!

So whether you’re a parent helping your kid create a productive study nook at home — or a student who is looking to set up a solid study room in your dorm, we’ve covered everything you’ll need to know to get rolling.

Start with the basics

The two fundamental things every study zone needs are a surface to write on and a comfortable chair to sit on. For long hours of focus-filled studying, you’re going to want ergonomic and practical study furniture; at CasaOne, we’ve got packages that don’t cost an arm or a leg and also come with flexible leasing options.

If you’re looking for alternatives to renting or buying study furniture, we’re big on the idea of making furniture you have to double up and do more for you. We’re talking coffee tables, bookshelves, dressers — with a little bit of reorganization and rejigging, these could be great workarounds to a study desk. Just pull up a dining chair and you’re good to go!

Pro-tip: It’s always great to have a backup! These workarounds could also turn into your backup study, every time you fail to get into the zone in your primary study nook. If you’ve got a roommate or a sibling who also needs an effective study zone, then these workarounds are fantastic for both of you to shuttle between.

Location matters

Now that you’ve got a surface area to work with, along with a comfortable chair, think about the best spot to place them in. Have an empty nook near a window? Grab it with all your might! A sunny study nook is going to ensure all those hours of homework are easy on your eyes and your productivity levels are sky-rocketing.

If you’re at home, it may also help to set up your study as far as possible from the kitchen or living room — in a nutshell, far from where all the action at home happens. This is going to ensure you can keep an eye on the ball (or the book!) without having to pay attention to everything going on around you.

Cut out the noise

Speaking of a distraction-free environment, here are some tips that’ll come in handy if you want to cancel out any noise around you, especially if you’ve got exams to prep for. Get yourself a pair of earplugs or make do with your in-ear earphones, if you’ve got them. If you’re okay listening to something while reading, Spotify has plenty of helpful lyric-free playlists with white noise or sounds of busy cafes, that’ll help successfully cut off all the background noise you’re looking to get rid of.

And voila — now, nothing can stop you from getting an A+ on that exam!

Put your phone away

Creating ground rules for your study may sound a tad severe, but can go a long way in ensuring you have an efficient day of learning. Make your study a no-phone zone, so you aren’t lured into its bright and shiny notifications. If you’ve got a door, add a sticky note or even a larger notice board to remind you that phones are a no-go at your sacred spot of studying.

Light it up

Props to you if you’ve set up your study nook by your window, but remember — you’ll need a smart desk lamp, LED preferably, for the evenings and nights to ensure you’re not straining your eyes. We suggest checking out CasaOne’s Adesso LED Desk Lamp, which happens to come with convenient pockets of storage for pens and other stationery items too. Burning the midnight oil has never been safer on those eyes.

Organize your desk

A cluttered desk is bound to invite a cluttered mind, so make sure your study table only has what you need at a given time. For instance, if you're studying Science, then those Math books don’t need to be lying around at your desk. Stash them away neatly into your backpack or invest in our dedicated storage cabinets to ensure your space is rid of clutter.

Finally, make it pretty

Your study room can totally become your happy place if you spruce it up to your liking! An inexpensive way to introduce a little charm to your study is by throwing in a desk plant. Succulents are fairly low-maintenance and can add much-needed life to your study. Don’t be afraid to personalize this space further. Hang a metal grid above your desk — with sticky notes, polaroids of past vacations, or even posters of your favorite bands or movies. If you’re the bookish kind, neatly stack your To-Be-Read pile on your desk to create a mini-bookshelf.

At CasaOne, we believe that with great design and smart organization you can make a study nook work like magic for you. We hope these tips and ideas spark all the inspiration you need to make your study nook do more and help you or your kid ace it at school like never before!

Got questions?

  • What kind of furniture is absolutely necessary for a study space?

To create a basic study room that works for you, you’ll need a desk, a chair, and an LED desk lamp.

  • Can I set up my study corner in a small space?

Absolutely! While working with smaller spaces, it helps to set up a sleek study desk in the corner of your room. You can also opt for a wall-mounted study table that can conveniently be folded in, once you’re done using it.

  • Is a study space in the garage a good idea?

Definitely! In fact, a study setup within a garage might keep all distractions at bay, and help you focus better on your books. Be sure to invest in a desk lamp, and proper lighting in general, so you aren’t straining your eyes in the dark.