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New trend alert! The Gold Fever has returned, and the gold accent is making a comeback. Since it has been used all over the world for many years, gold accents are frequently linked to riches and luxury.

"Subtle" isn't the first word that comes to mind when we think of gold; rather, "glitzy," "glamorous," and even a little bit "gaudy" do. However, gold is having a moment right now. Gone are the painted figurines and gilded picture frames from stuffy old mansions. This shade is increasingly showing up in contemporary decorative accessories, such as gold candlesticks, coasters with gold leaf edging, gold decorative trays, and gold and silver decor pieces.

We'll examine how various interior design trends are utilizing this fashionable hue and present our favorite gold touches for understated sophistication in any setting.

Gold accent trend in your home interiors

Gold accent trend for home interiors

Adding this trend to your home is also not difficult because a variety of affordable gold accents are available online today. So, incorporate this popular decor trend into a room in your house to give it a glam appeal!

Living area

There are several simple ways to incorporate gold into your home. One option is to add a few gold photo frames to the space. As it draws the eyes in, this can instantly make your photographs more noticeable. Candlesticks, wall art, and coffee tables are a few additional ways to display gold. Artwork elevates the appearance of your home and is a great way to incorporate gold. You can add two side table lamps with gold bases if you want to be more daring.


Put a gold chandelier, like this one, in the middle of your bedroom to provide warmth. It's a stunning addition to your living area, and to tie everything together, add a few gold accents with tiny decor items like candles, vases, and photo frames. Depending on the pieces and their construction, using gold might also give your space a more mid-century modern feel. You can add white and gold furniture to your bedroom for a fresh and rich look.

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You can incorporate the gold trend into your kitchen in so many amazing ways. First, we advise thinking about adding gold using hardware. Find a couple of new gold knobs from a decor shop or online to change up the knobs on each cabinet. They can be pretty affordable, so this shouldn't be too pricey. For extra glamor in your home, you may also add new sink faucet hardware. Think about the lighting over your kitchen island or dining table; new light fittings can add some golden hues.


Gold may be used in a bathroom in a variety of ways, from shower fixtures to hardware on the vanity. A round gold mirror is a trendier addition. This gives a restroom that is otherwise dated a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. Don't be afraid to mix metals; silver accents can be added to the bathroom so that the gold doesn't overpower the area.

Let’s take a deeper look into how to integrate this hot trend into your home decor.

6 Ways to Add Gold Accent to Your Home Decor

Gold fabrics, paints, and furnishing

The newest trend in furniture is gold! You will undoubtedly find magnificent rooms with subtle touches of gold and sparkle artfully placed throughout any contemporary decorating magazine. How can you achieve this appearance in your home without having it look tacky? Try replacing the drapes, bedding, area rugs, pillows, and other materials in your home with ones that have gold undertones or accents.

Alternately, paint one neutral-colored wall a shimmering gold accent wall. Consider painting an accent piece, like a coffee table, with gold paint instead of a wall if a wall seems too risky. Your home deserves some glitz, no matter how modest, so if this seems like too much gold for you, think about adding a couple of throw pillows with specks or swirls of sparkly gold trim running throughout. Plus, adding black and gold or white and gold furniture pieces to your decor can overall enhance your home decor.

Gold hardware

Gold hardware is back! No, we are not referring to those shiny brass and gold fittings from the 1980s; rather, the new gold is still shiny, but in a far more contemporary way. The gold hardware gives the otherwise simple kitchen a brighter, more formal touch. Gold hardware, fixtures, and accessories are a good option for adding gold highlights to your house. If the idea of dazzling gold overwhelms you, consider a matte gold finish, which enables you to add luster without being overly garish.


The best way to begin adding sparkle to your decor is with a chandelier. We advise you to select a classy chandelier that gives your area a touch of playfulness. For illustration, pick one with more glass and less metal, with a hint of gold on the arms. Your dining area, living room, den, or bedroom will all feel more opulent with gold accents. Yes, chandeliers are no longer simply for dining rooms; for a touch of glitz, think of adding one to a surprising space.

Centre table in your space

A cheap, year-round gold table runner can give elegance to any table in your house. This becomes an inconspicuous approach to making a gold statement in your home when paired with the ideal centerpiece. You could arrange the table for a special supper with gold place settings, gold napkins, and your finest china, possibly with a gold rim, for an extra touch of sparkle and glamor. Even something as simple as a few gold ornamental balls placed in a bowl with a golden rim or on a golden tray can give your home the ideal amount of glitter.

Gold decor pieces

Gold decor pieces

If you rummage around in the home décor section of most home goods stores, you can generally find some incredible deals on single gold accent items like floral patterns or even sparkling metal abstract pieces. You can create a gorgeous, golden statement piece on your wall by combining these individual pieces on it in the manner of a bouquet. For a little extra glam, you can also think about adding a few gold-plated sconces to your home or placing a gold decorative tray on the center table.

Lit up your space

If you're looking for quick and simple ways to add gold to the interior lighting of your house, lamps are a fantastic place to start. Any room in your house can be given a fantastic new look by combining a neutral lampshade with a gold base! Lampshades are another way to glam up your house. Try looking for a simple black lampshade with a gold interior; the light reflects off of this interior and fills your room with a lovely golden glow. You may also paint your current lamp bases gold, much like you did with the picture frames, which will save you money while still transforming your house from plain to amazing.

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How to pick the right gold accents for your home decor?

Step 1: Identify your style

Before you begin, you must identify your personal style. Spend some time looking at several websites that can be of assistance if you're not entirely clear on the specifics. Knowing your unique style will help you choose the perfect gold accents for your home interiors.

Step 2: Look for similar designs

Let's assume that you are aware of what you want and that you have found a few gold accent pieces and designs that complement your personal style. Look for similar designs online to see how they look in different spaces and try to imagine them in your home decor, or talk to an interior designer about your needs.

Step 3: Set a budget

It’s very important to know your budget before you start buying gold accent pieces. There is a wide variety of gold accent furniture and decor that is available in all ranges. Pick the one that fits your budget.

Step 4: Have an open mind

Keep an open mind when shopping for gold accents. Don’t be impulsive but be open to experimenting with gold accents that are similar to your taste.

Top gold accent products

Colla Accent Chair Blush Pink & Gold

Pro tip

Trust your gut when you begin to incorporate gold touches into your room's decor. Your uniqueness should serve as the focal point of your interior design. It's what turns your room into a singular piece of art.

Look for gold touches for your home that you simply must have. Then, add them to your current decor or allow them to influence your upcoming design concept.


Gold and silver decor has a significant impact on home decor today. Don't go overboard; instead, strategically place gold accent items in your home decor. This will give your home the elegant and understated glitz it deserves all year long, not just around the holidays.

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