Warm inviting interior with fireplace

Winter decor is a savior for all of us who deeply miss our X-mas, holiday-themed decor! Yep, we definitely think post-Christmas wintertime is ideal to repurpose some of your holiday decor in creative ways. In fact, our fave Insta decorators have been using the cold weather outside as the perfect excuse to show off their seasonal decorating prowess while staying indoors; and boy, we’re here for it!

Not going to lie, we thoroughly enjoyed Insta-stalking them, to curate some of the loveliest winter-appropriate upgrades they’ve made to different parts of their homes. From seriously cozy bedrooms to warm and fuzzy patios, there’s a lot of wholesome inspo to unpack here, so we’d suggest keeping a pen and paper handy to take down notes. So without any further delay, here’s a sneak peek into some of their wintery homes.

Jessie’s rustic-meets-cozy winter bedroom

When it comes to bedroom decor, there’s no such thing as too many layers. We love how Jessie has decked up her bedroom decor with layers of cozy white sheets and a snug rust-colored comforter. The little details stand out too — an array of candles and a vase full of dried flowers and branches (who says they’re just for fall?) on the bedside table; the oversized monstera deliciosa is the perfect pop of color to give this space a contrast.

Christine’s snug adult pillow fort

Step aside blanket fort, ‘cause this pillow fort is here to give you some stiff competition. Christine puts together a snuggle-worthy nook full of differently sized cushions in our favorite neutral hues. We’re in total awe of the play of pattern, textures, and hues here. The skylight is a thoughtful way to ensure her wintery home is bathed in a little sunlight!

A House We Build’s dining room guarantees cozy mealtimes

A House We Build, a home decor blog by a husband-wife duo, features their dining room with minimal yet impactful winter touches. Their mantra is less is more, and we’re eyeing that beautiful pine greenery that adds cheer to the snowy backdrop the dining room lies against. If you’ve been missing your holiday garland, here’s a perfectly lovely way to introduce it to your home in a non-Christmassy way.

Vanessa’s warm and sunny home office

It might be gloomy outside, but it’s sunshine galore in photographer Vanessa Lentine’s home study. We adore the clever use of the olive faux trees, which gives this study a wonderful symmetry. Notice the mix of materials that makes this tiny little nook look so visually appealing. Needless to say, this home office will make it impeccably comfortable for you to hustle through a manic winter workday.

Suzzane’s winter-ized, charming balcony

Small-sized balconies and icy cold weather aren’t stopping Suzzane from taking those winter vibes outdoors. The faux fur blanket, the mustard throw, and the candles will keep you warm and cozy through cold evenings. Excuse us while we go grab a book, ‘cause this hygge-infused balcony is totally calling out to us.

Kati’s oh-so-inviting winter porch decor

Winter is a great look on Kati’s porch and we’re especially liking how she’s making the littlest of things work wonderfully within this space. The subtle blue theme running through the flooring and cushion covers beautifully complement the snow-laced evergreens, dried branches, and winter-themed wreaths. We’re giving this porch full marks for welcoming winter wonderland feels!

We hope this Insta inspiration warms you up to the idea of upgrading your home for the winter!

Planning to winterize your home? Be sure to send us photographs on Instagram when it’s ready; simply tag @casaoneus and we’ll repost our favorites.

Got questions?

Can I decorate my home in winter using pinecones?

Absolutely! Pinecones aren’t just for fall or Christmas decor. They’re a pocket-friendly way to infuse some timeless wintertime charm into your home.

How can I decorate my home without Christmas?

It’s totally possible to beautifully do up your home for the winter, even post Christmas! You can make use of natural elements from your backyard for texture. Birch logs, pinecones, sticks, dried flowers, evergreens are great ways to keep the winter theme running in your home.

How can I make my house cozier in the winter?

We recommend throwing in scented candles, chunky blankets, and lots of cushions to make your home warm and cozy for the winter season.