A wall corner with a bright yellow single seat couch and a golden floor lamp.

While most people focus on doing up their walls and ceilings when decorating their homes, the floor space is equally important. Often overlooked due to the assumption that most people won’t notice the floor, the base of your home can end up looking pretty basic and uninspired. In an attempt to make their walls beautiful, many homeowners devote all their time and resources to the walls and don’t make any substantial effort to furnish or even utilize the available floor space. There are various ways to fill up vacant floor space and make it more interesting including using unique furniture, setting up a reading nook, adding beautiful potted plants, and much more.

If you have some vacant floor space at home and are unsure of how to best utilize it, you’re at the right place. We’ve put together effective tips and tricks to help you make the best use of any floor space in your home.

Best Ways to Utilize Vacant Floor Space at Home

Visual Flair With Area Rugs

One of the best ways to utilize vacant floor space is by covering it with a beautiful area rug. Area rugs are nifty little floor covers that unlike carpets, don’t take up the entire space and are perfect if you're looking to cover a specific section of your floor. Area rugs are also great from a purely visual standpoint and can liven up your home. Depending on your existing home decor and aesthetics, you can choose from different patterns including geometric, traditional, contemporary, and many others. Your choice of area rug color is also crucial and should typically complement your wall colors and overall color palette. With the perfect area rug, you can add some personality to your vacant space and make it more livable.

A simple study room with a solid wood desk, a floor lamp, and an upholstered chair

Floor Lamps to the Rescue

Most vacant floor space is present in corners of a room that are too small to do much with. Enter floor lamps. These slender and stunning lighting fixtures are perfect for vacant corners in your living room and bedroom and function both as decor items and sources of light. There are numerous floor lamp designs available both online and offline for you to choose from including swing arm lamps, club lamps, down bridge lamps, mid-century modern lamps, country-style lamps, and many others. Choose a floor lamp that's the right size for the space available and blends in stylistically with your design aesthetic. For instance, you can't use a bohemian lamp for a contemporary living room.

Plant Away

Like lamps, plants are a great way to revamp a vacant floor space without much hassle or any major modifications. All you need is a set of potted plants and the perfect location to place them in. Incorporating greenery in your living space has many other benefits apart from just visual. It also helps add a dash of natural beauty to your space and also helps you feel peaceful and at ease in your home. While you can pretty much get any kind of indoor plant for your home, ensure you get something low-maintenance if you won't have the time to look after it. Also, pay attention to the vase or flowerpot you choose for your home. It should both fit the space available and go well with your home decor. Plain white vases are generally the preferred choice for plants given their versatile nature.

A naturally lit working corner with a comfortable armchair and rustic ottoman

Seating Area with An Ottoman or Pouf

If you have a considerable amount of vacant floor space in your living room or dining area, it's best to convert it into a seating area of sorts. All you need is an ottoman or pouf and maybe a small side table depending on how much space is available. Ottomans are great for vacant floor spaces since they double as a small storage space as well. If you have a slightly larger vacant space in your home, you can convert it into a reading nook coupled with a bookshelf. Measure the space available and bring home furniture that fits the space perfectly. You don't want to create a cramped space or one that looks empty even with furniture. Also, ensure the style and design of the furniture you choose to match your interior design.

Use a Partition

With many people setting up offices at home, you can follow suit if you have enough vacant floor space. The best way to go about setting up a home office is by using a partition to create a separate space. This doesn't just give you some much-needed privacy but also acts as a visual marker of the space available. There are different kinds of partitions available for you to choose from and your final choice should depend on your home aesthetics and the space available. For the best results, mark the vacant floor space you want to convert into your home office and measure it. Use these measurements to find partitions that fit perfectly. For better visual continuity in your home, you can also get partitions in the same color and print as the curtains in your home.

vacant floor space

Follow these 5 quick tips to use your vacant floor space in the best possible way. Most of the tips mentioned above are quite easy to follow and don't require a substantial financial investment on your part. If you're unsure of how to proceed with using your vacant floor space, you can also bring in professionals for help. CasaOne offers top-notch interior design services to help you make your home more functional and visually pleasing. We also offer premium quality furniture for rent from some of the most popular furniture brands on affordable, flexible rental plans. Get in touch with our in-house design experts right away for a free-of-cost interior design consultation.

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  • How to create a sacred space at home?

Want to create a space in your home that's just yours? Opt for a billowy curtain or a screen in a corner of the room to separate it from the rest. Other options include an outdoor shed and even space under a staircase. Add things to these spaces that make them more comfortable and homely and you’ve got yourself a sacred space.

  • How to create a small office space at home?

If you're looking to create a small office space at home, first decide the space. Ideally, you should opt for something that's relatively private and quiet. Some of the options include your bedroom, a corner of the dining area, and the study. Once you finalize the space, you can bring in the furniture and other equipment needed to set up a home office. If you're building a home office in a commonly used room, get a partition for enhanced privacy.

  • Which materials are best for creating partitions at home?

There are various types of partition walls you can use at home including solid walls and curtains or movable wooden blocks. Solid partition walls are made using brick, blockwork, or even timber and aluminum frames. If you want a temporary partition, installing a curtain rod is the best option.