A beautiful home office with wooden desk, a leather chair, and a big monitor.

Home offices have become somewhat a necessity in the current environment and most people are looking for ways to create a functional home office to ensure their work isn't impacted even when they are not working from an office. The biggest concern when setting up a home office is ensuring adequate privacy. Unless you live by yourself, finding a quiet corner can be challenging. If you're one of the few lucky people with unused space at home just waiting to be utilized, you can put together a productive and peaceful home office with a couple of right moves.

When setting up a home office, you need to be mindful of quite a few things including the furniture, placement, and layout of every element in the home office, and most importantly the location. If you have an unused space in your home, the location is taken care of but you still need to consider the other factors. We have compiled some handy tips to help you set up a home office in an unused space.

Home Office Setup Ideas

Workable Space

Before we look into work desks, chairs, and other elements of your home office, you need to know what qualifies as a workable unused space. A corner in your living room, for instance, isn't the best location for a home office because the people you live with will want to use the living room and it isn't fair to them if you occupy it for your work. Unused spaces that are perfect for a home office include a window-side empty area in the bedroom, unused space at the top of a stairwell, and even a part of your garage. The common thread that ties these spaces together is a pronounced availability of privacy, which as we mentioned previously, is paramount in your home office. Once you successfully identify a workable unused space, it's time to start putting your home office together.

A home office setup against a wall corner with a desk and an upholstered yellow chair.

Table Talk

Amongst the most crucial elements of a home office is the table. A sturdy and ergonomic desk can do wonders for your productivity while an uncomfortable desk doesn't just impact your work but can potentially trouble your spine. Depending on how much space you have for your home office, your choice of work desk can range from a wall table that can be pulled down when you work and reattached later to an elaborate solid wood desk equipped with drawers and the works. For instance, if you're considering setting up a home office in your dining area, you can use the buffet cabinet base as your work desk. A standing desk is also fast becoming popular amongst people who don't like to sit for hours while at work. These are typically easier to install and store and also take up far less space than your regular work desk.


Just like you can't sleep on a bed that's not comfortable, working on a lousy, uncomfortable chair does no favors for your productivity or health. Choose an office chair that provides you with the right amount of support without taking too much space or being expensive. Your best bet for an office chair would be one with adjustable height so that it can fit in different spaces without much trouble. Check the back support when you're selecting a chair for your home office since an ergonomic chair is the key to focus while at work. Amongst the many advantages of working from home is the freedom to choose whichever chair you like as long as it's comfortable. Instead of opting for regular cubicle-style chairs, you can expand your horizons and get something more fun and interesting.

A home office with a solid wood desk, a phone and laptop charging station, and a mouse

Parting Partition

If the only unused space in your home is in a common room like the living room, study, or dining area, you'll need privacy partitions to give yourself as much privacy as possible. The best way to give yourself some much-needed privacy while working? Hang beautiful, full-length curtains around your designated workspace and keep it out of view. If you want your home office area to blend in even better, get a matching set of curtains that can be used for both the office partition and the windows. For an even more seamless blend, decorate the home office area in similar colors and designs for better continuity even when the curtains aren't drawn.

Follow these basic home office setup tips and put together a charming and productive workspace designed to suit all your needs. Finding ways to best utilize your unused space is the most optimal way to create a home office. All you need to do is indulge in a bit of space planning, finalize the layout and aesthetic, and source good quality furniture. The latter is a non-negotiable component of your home office and cannot be compromised. But buying new home office furniture is a big financial commitment and can set you back by thousands of dollars. Instead, you can rent home office furniture from CasaOne and enjoy access to our premium-quality furniture at affordable prices. We take proper care to ensure your rental experience with us is as seamless as possible with special benefits like white-glove delivery, one-on-one design consultations, a rent-to-own facility, and flexible rental plans.


  • How to set up a home office with no space?

If you don't have any extra space in your home for a home office, you'll have to work to find a small space where you can set up your workspace. Some popular options for home office spaces include empty corners in the living room and dining area, the gallery next to your bed, any unused space under the staircase, and many others. Do a thorough inspection of your home to identify potential spaces where you can set up a home office and get building!

  • What equipment do I need to set up a home office?

Apart from a work desk, office chair, lighting fixtures, and, if needed, a privacy partition, you'll need a computer or laptop, good quality internet, a large monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. You'll also need a file cabinet or drawer to store your office documents safely. Unless you're drastically altering your room to make space for a home office, you won't need any specialized equipment to set up a home office.

  • What type of space is ideal for a home office?

While absolute privacy is hard to find in a home, your home office should ideally have enough privacy that you're not distracted from work constantly. A separate room that can be locked from the inside is the ideal space for a home office. Other good options include your study, a corner of the dining area, and even your bedroom. If none of these rooms are available, you'll have to make do with a privacy partition to make your home office somewhat private.

  • Where can I get home office furniture?

You can get top-quality home office furniture online and offline at different price points. If you need premium-quality furniture for your home office, you'll end up spending a lot, irrespective of whether you buy it online or offline. The alternative is to rent home office furniture online from CasaOne. We offer fantastic home office furniture for rent at amazing prices from some of the biggest brands in the business.