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What is it about a posh hotel room that gets our heart rate going? Is it the crisp, lightly fragrant, laundered sheets, plush comforters, and calming lights? Or the clean, instagrammable views, 24-hour room service, and a pleasant hotel staff that’s always happy to assist? In either case, hotel rooms inspire a wave of positive, peaceful, and pampered emotions during a vacation that you’d just love to have in the privacy of your own bedroom. So this year, whether you’re unwillingly returning from a luxurious stay, or just wish your home felt as indulgent as one, explore our tips on how to make your bedroom look like a hotel room, without breaking the bank. Before starting, choose a color palette you find calm and neutral. Stick with whites, grays, blues and greens, and avoid exciting colors like red, yellow and orange. If you absolutely must have red, opt for darker shades like maroon and burgundy, and use with restraint. red color palette bedroom

1. Pick the right bed

The centerpiece of your new mini-hotel, a tufted, layered, well-made bed is one you can’t wait to sink into after a hard day. If you already have a nice bed of your own, that should work just as fine. But one reason we love that hotel vibe is the novelty. A luxury hotel’s staff prepares your room so well that it feels 100% new by the time you walk in. The idea that possibly thousands of people stayed there before you did never crosses your mind. clean new hotel room inspiration The way to recreate the same idea in your own bedroom is by getting a new bed. This can be expensive so you might prefer to rent a lavish bed short-term, so you can purchase it only if it feels right later. And if you don’t decide to purchase it, you can simply return it and rent another luxe bed, so you can continue recreating that novelty feeling. At each time, CasaOne delivers and assembles everything for you so you can almost experience that white-glove hotel staff feeling in your own home. When choosing the bed, opt for upholstered, padded headboards, preferably tufted ones because they’re most likely to give that plush bedroom look. Hotel beds also tend to be low or covered underneath. In your case, we’d recommend opting for a bed with storage underneath because not only do they look posher, but they’ll help keep your room tidy and clutter-free. wardrobe storage for bedroom

2. Add the layers

Now that you’ve got the bed, let’s make it. First, check out your mattress. Depending on how you prefer to sleep, a suitable mattress can be either plush, medium or firm. Many popular hotel brands have mattresses designed specifically for them, and they range from memory foam with cooling technology to innerspring coils with a plush pillowtop. Luckily, we provide such an extensive range of mattresses for rent here, so you can try them out till you find your heaven. comfortable mattress for bedroom To layer, start with getting sheets that you find incredibly soft. Don’t stress about material and thread count. Just explore the fabric in person and find what feels good, regardless of whatever budget you set. If you want our opinion, go with white cotton percale and a thread count of around 300. Then get your sheets professionally laundered and pressed. We say ‘professionally’ because nothing beats that faint flowery fragrance and the immaculate creases in the crisp bedding that you get back from the pros. You’re always welcome to do it yourself. clean bedsheet layers like a hotel Tuck one sheet tightly around the mattress, then add a thin blanket or comforter, and then another sheet on top. Adding the comforter in between the sheets is a little hotelier trick to add some extra plush. Cover it all with a snug duvet (with cover) of your choice along with an optional down comforter for extra softness. Let these hang loose over the sides, or tuck them in for a neater look.

3. Complete the hotel bed feel

To go the extra mile, spritz your sheets with some diluted essential oil fragrance you can’t get enough of. Our personal favorites are lavender, grass, and woody scents. Experiment with fragrance combinations till you find an aroma you love. For an extra touch, while layering your bed, you can place a bed scarf (or coverlet) towards the end of your bed in a contrasting color or a color that matches your headboard for the complete 5-star look. matching coverlet at the end of the bed for 5 star hotel look When tucking in your comforter and sheets, learn how to make “hospital corners” for a truly neat and professional look. If you can spend a little bit more, add a bench near the foot of the bed that matches your headboard’s color and texture. We have a wide range of bedroom benches.

4. Choose the right light

Part of a hotel room’s luxe charm is in the lighting. Often, hotels choose large drum or empire-shaped lamps with fabric shades. Place one lamp each on the bedroom end tables, and a brighter, perhaps a more stylish lamp near the desk. You can explore some gorgeous table lamps and floor lamps for rent here. warm lighting in bedroom create hotel feel But while lamps make the room feel elegant and cozy in the evening, a luxury hotel room maximizes the use of natural light during the day. Whether you have large doors leading to a balcony or simply large windows, make the most of this area by installing sheer curtains for softness and an additional blackout layer for when you need complete darkness or privacy. sheer curtains in bedroom open for more natural light

5. Choose the right complementary furniture

Bed and lighting is not all a hotel has ready for you. A luxury hotel invests in top-of-the-line end tables, desks, chairs, televisions, and storage (with a safe) as well. For end tables, you want to get clean, simple ones with tons of storage for personal knickknacks and plenty of space for table lamps, notebooks, flowers and your phone. We have quite the selection of nightstands and study tables available for rent here, if you’d like to explore. blue palette bedroom with gorgeous end table Since hotels are used a lot for business, a high-end hotel provides plenty of desk space and a comfortable chair for work. If your bedroom is big enough, and you want the complete hotel look, feel free to add a high-end work table and chair along with one of the walls, perhaps close to the window. Add a table or floor lamp for light. Hotels also have a little living room area, complete with chairs and a coffee table, sometimes a 2-seater sofa. If space permits, you can explore our range of living room furniture available for rent for ideas. Make sure you adhere to the color scheme and the seating is plush, but easy to maintain. hotel like living room set in bedroom Luxury hotels also have televisions in the rooms. To add one of your own, explore our smart television rentals so you can enjoy late-night marathons with a little self-prepared room service (or takeout). And for the wardrobe, you want something that’s understated, matches the rest of your furniture, and provides incredible storage space. Hotel rooms are always clutter-free, and the reason for that is plenty of storage. The problem is while you’re travelling, you only have what you take with you, but at home, you need to store and organize everything. This is why we recommended beds with storage underneath and large desks and end tables. It’s a similar tune with the bedroom wardrobe. Have a primary wardrobe for clothing and some chests around for other belongings.

6. Choose the right decor

Now for the finishing touches. Place wall art, flower vases, planters, and other decor items. Some hotels use carpet, but a plush, shaggy rug over a hardwood floor feels like a cloud under the feet every time you get in and out of bed. bedroom blanket, wall art, vase complete hotel look Adding a throw blanket to the mix will up the cozy factor, and choose pillow covers that match your chosen color palette. For a truly decadent experience, select a combination of large firm pillows for support, down-filled pillows for comfort, and soft throw pillows for decoration, and then layer them from largest at the back to smallest at the front. You can also include a neck pillow or a bolster according to your preferences.

7. Create the 5-star experience

The hotel vibe in your bedroom is not just about getting nicer furniture and tucking hospital corners. It’s about that vacation mode supported by pampering, cleanliness, and relaxation. So, to finish our guide, here are some extra tidbits of luxury living that you can enjoy in your new luxury bedroom, by yourself or with a partner:
  • Buy a soft set of bathrobes. You can even buy them from your favorite hotel.
  • Sprinkle rose petals on top to create a honeymoon ambiance.
  • Diffuse your favorite blend of essential oils for extra relaxation.
  • Spoil yourself (or a special someone) with a loaded breakfast tray in bed.
breakfast tray at home for hotel pampering Finally, remember to make your bed and clear the room every morning before you head off to work, so you can come home to that hotel atmosphere you love every day. Don’t forget to leave a chocolate or mint on the pillow. It’ll do wonders to lift your mood when you return. You work hard. You deserve it.
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