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A rug is, at its most basic, a piece of woven cloth used to cover a certain portion of the floor. This is different from "carpet," which is typically but not always used to describe carpeting attached to the floor. Adding a rug to any room can change the vibe instantly. Rugs can maximise your comfort by making your living room even more comfortable. Throwing a rug on the living room floor will also reduce the impact on your feet.

A rug also adds to the intimacy of the space. In addition, they help trap allergens flying about in the air. Besides these benefits, rugs can offer a whole range of conveniences to those using them. But to make the most out of the rug’s many utilities, it is crucial that you buy the right one in the first place.

What to Look for When Buying a Rug?


The length of the rug fibre is indicated by the pile height, which is frequently characterised in terms of low, medium, and high, but also occasionally stated in inches. A medium or high pile area rug will make you feel cosier and more opulent.


The softness, stain resistance, and durability of a rug are greatly influenced by the sort of fibres used to produce it. Although natural materials like cotton, jute, or wool might be seen as the top fibres for rugs, synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene are also ideal. These fibres are more durable, stain-resistant and oftentimes better affordable than some natural fibres.

Size and Shape

Size is among the most crucial factors to take into account while shopping for a rug. If you choose a rug that is too small, it will look out of place and serve no purpose. A rug that is too big, however, might not fit in or, worse still, overpower the room. In addition, do remember that rugs that come in oval, round, and square shapes are likely to be the best match for your space.

Top Rugs To Choose From

Now that you know the qualities to look for while shopping for a rug, time to explore some of the best rugs available in the market today. These are high-quality, durable rugs that can enhance the look of your living space instantly.

1. Grey and White Rug

Grey and White Rug

This is the type of traditional monochromatic grey and white rug that people think of when they hear the word "monochrome." The grey and white stripes of the rug bring a lot of visual flair to the flooring. Furthermore, its stain-resistant quality ensures that you don’t spend hours worrying about the stain on the rug. Adding a metal coffee table and a multi-coloured accent chair will offer an amazing contrast to this grey and white rug.

2. Vintage or Retro Rug

Vintage or Retro Rug

In 2022, vintage-style retro rugs are becoming the most popular flooring accents. They are getting rave reviews for their striking colours, distinctive patterns, and innate antique charm. The delightfully eclectic Austin Vintage rectangular light grey retro rug is the go-to for the most undecided among us. Whether you're seeking trendy boho, southwestern chic, or tried-and-true classic, this retro rug is one of the best options available on CasaOne.

3. White Fur Rug


White fur rugs have been a popular choice among interior design experts. During the chilly nights, having a white fluffy rug or fur rug in your house is the ideal way to create a warm and snug haven. The white fluffy rug from the Chalet collection instantly lends a feeling of warmth to your space.

4. Aztec Rugs

Aztec Rugs

An Aztec rug is always a terrific choice whether it is about furnishing your home or simply freshening up the living space. The adaptability of an Aztec rug is fantastic. Bold colours, ageless tribal patterns, and strong design are all hallmarks of Aztec art and design. The multicoloured Aztec rug from Solimar Distressed features a low pile machine-loomed weave and a vibrant southwestern pattern. This rug can be placed in the living room, bedroom, foyer, kitchen, dining area, or family room. Plus, it provides a foundation with a wide range of design options.

5. Navy Blue Rug

Navy Blue Rug

Navy blue rugs have a classic charm, and their structured patterns can give any flooring a sense of depth and visual harmony. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly rug high on natural appeal, look no further than the Maroc collection of dark blue and oatmeal rug.

6. Multicoloured Rainbow Rug


With its vivid, striking colour tones, the Estrella Geometric multicoloured rug resembles an artwork more than anything else. You can centre this rainbow rug in the heart of all your furniture layouts for a vibrant appearance.

7. Natural jute rug

Natural jute rug

A handcrafted jute rug can give your interior a chic, natural touch thanks to its natural fibres. The dense weave and delicate fibres of the natural fibre jute area rug from Braided Indoor will provide comfort to your feet. This braided jute rug is ideal if you're a naturalist at heart and want to get a sustainable product for your living space.

8. Flower Rug

Flower Rug

Flower rugs have been a mainstay in homes for millennia, and they're here to stay for good! You might be surprised by the sheer variety of flower rugs flooding the market today. But, the flower rug from Outdoor Modern Floral tops the list. This rug can make a statement and add fresh vibes to your home decor.

9. Ivory Rug

Ivory Rug

The Messa Tribal ivory rug is one of the top ivory rug options available on CasaOne. If you want to create a boho statement, place this rug in a room with a neutral design.

10. Green Rug

Green Rug

The green rug from Outdoor Trellis can help you design a stylish and modern space. Since it is usually regarded as a therapeutic colour that promotes balance and reduces worry, this green rug is ideal to create a peaceful and pleasant ambience in residential places.

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11. Animal Print Rug

Animal Print Rug

The Zebra print animal print rug from Cheyenne is for those who appreciate classy, understated animal prints. You can use this rug artfully to give your home decor a dash of country charm.

12. Felted Rug

Felted Rug

Made from recycled wool, felted rugs are popular due to their strength and distinctive design. The felted rug from Supreme can give your feet the special sensation of walking on a cloud.

13. Diamond Style Rugs

Diamond Style Rugs

The Shag Diamond Style rug is a stunning ivory rug with a simple diamond pattern and a natural ivory colour. It has an ivory background with a sophisticated large black diamond pattern.

14. Boho Rug

Boho Rug

The Cotton Chindits Modern Boho Chic rug is perfect if you would like your boho rug to have a dash of colour. In a house with an open floor plan, the bordered design of the rug makes it easy to define spaces.

15. Round Rug

Round Rug

The round rug from Austin Border is the best option if you want the rug to improve the aesthetic of your house. This rug will unify the atmosphere of the space and highlight the curves, making it an even more striking design element.

16. English Style Rugs

English Style Rugs

An English-style area rug from Artisan can easily change a room's look and feel without costing a fortune. It will offer sophistication while keeping your feet warm.

17. Abstract Rug

Abstract Rug

This multicolour abstract rug is vibrant and stunning and looks like it was taken straight from an impressionist painting. It's a rug that will add contrast to boring and neutral settings, thanks to its stunning array of colours.

18. Cream or Beige Rug

Cream or Beige Rug

The Mystique Collection's cream rug seamlessly serves as the pinnacle of contemporary design. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with its classic motifs and fits into a wide range of decor themes!

19. Multicoloured Rug

Multicoloured Rug

The Hillcrest Multicolour rug is another variety of rainbow rugs on CasaOne. It features classically inspired designs that are timeless, elegant, cosy, and sophisticated. This multicolour rug features a hand-knotted knit that adds to the product’s durability.

20. Coastal Print Rug

Coastal Print Rug

Escape from the real world and transform your room into a seaside retreat with this coastal solid print area rug. The colours provide a laid-back vibe that can easily go with a range of different decor styles.


The above-mentioned top 20 rugs are popular among homeowners. Head to CasaOne online store to grab the best quality rugs. It is a one-stop destination for all your home decor needs. So, shop now to buy these trending rugs today!

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