A living room with two big windows, a grey wooden sofa and a large coffee table

2020 has been quite a year but a new year is here and that’s always the best place for a fresh start. If you’re planning to redo your home interiors, you’ll need the latest design trends to create a beautiful home that’s both current and functional. From the growing significance of sustainable materials to a focus on celebrating individuality, the home design trends for 2021 are shaping up to be something special. There are quite a few things you need to consider when redoing your home interiors including the furniture, its placement, decor items, color palettes, and the general aesthetic. How you incorporate the latest design trends into your existing home decor is also something to consider.

If your home is appearing dated and tired, you need to revamp it with the latest styles. We have compiled some of the top home design trends in 2021 to help you design your home in the best way possible.

2021 Home Design Trends

A classy and calming bedroom with grey walls and white bedsheet.


Best described as an aesthetic inspired by the nostalgic romanticization of western agricultural life, cottagecore is expected to make it to the list of trending design ideas in 2021. With the year we have all had, the comfort of nostalgia is the perfect remedy and the cottagecore aesthetic serves just that. While the aesthetic started as simple, it has grown to incorporate elements of glamour and sophistication as well. Some common home design ideas featuring the cottagecore aesthetic are gilded cutlery, gold accessories, vintage barware, green potted plants, old-school and reclaimed furniture like coffee tables, chairs, and more. Visually, a cottagecore inspired home will feature plenty of checks and ginghams, classic prints, and motifs, featuring a subdued, pastel color palette.

Tropical Flora

The next trend in our list of the top design trends in 2021 will ail your vacation woes and transport you to the sandy shores and vibrant greens of Hawaii. Featuring a balanced mix of contemporary and floral design, a tropical flora aesthetic will make your home a more comforting and relaxed abode, and allow you to unwind and recharge without having to step outside your front door. Recurring elements in a tropical-themed aesthetic are simple monotones, tropical brights, and soft yellows. With a tropical flora theme, you can bring the charm and beauty of nature home and accentuate the look by adding fresh greenery to your decor with potted plants and vases. The tropical flora aesthetic is best suited for homes with a similarly bright and vibrant color palette.

Grounded Shades

Urbane Bronze and Brave Ground were named the colors of the year by reputed companies and that’s a good indicator for the preferred shades for 2021. A natural, earthy color palette is expected to be quite popular this year, and for good reason. Most people are looking for visual comfort and a safe cocoon in their homes and grounded, earth-tone shades do the job spectacularly. Dark reds, deep browns, warm greens, and rust are some shades that are expected to rule the roost this year not just in walls but in furniture and other decor items as well. If you’re cautious of overusing grounded shades in your home and creating a dull environment, limit their usage to one wall and opt for neutral shades for the remaining walls.

A window-facing living room featuring an off-white couch and a quirky set of decor items


With physical and cultural barriers no longer as effective as they were before, incorporating elements from global design styles is set to become a popular choice. The globe-trotter design trend features natural textures and earthy colors with a hint of different design elements from around the world. A classic globe-trotter living room would feature calming colors like aqua blue, butter yellow, and pastel pink along with furniture and decor items in styles from around the world. The best way to utilize the globe-trotter design trend is to research different design elements around the world and find ways to incorporate them into your existing decor.


Classic traditionalism has always been in vogue when it comes to home design trends and rightfully so. Boasting classic art, designs, and antique decor pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries, classic traditionalism helps create a sense of peace and harmony in your living space. A key element of the traditionalism design trend is symmetry which can be seen in damasks, ornate scrolls, and courtly stripes being incorporated in soft furnishings. A strong departure from the classic geometric and traditional design, traditionalism is both beautifully old school and easy to feature in your home decor.

These are some of the most popular home design trends for 2021. Choose from these options and redecorate your home with a home design trend that is current. No matter which design trend you decide to opt for, you’ll need premium quality furniture to complement your design aesthetic. CasaOne offers top-quality furniture for rent from some of the most renowned brands in the business at affordable rates. From living room furniture to bedroom furniture, we have rental furniture for your entire house. Check out our furniture collection and start renting today or speak to our experts for an interior design consultation.


  • What are DIY home design ideas?

Some of the most popular DIY home design ideas include creating half-painter art, making hand-painted wallpaper, reupholstering the headboard, paint and stencil fun patterns on your nightstands and side tables, creating a custom mirror, and building a slide-out crate organizer. All these DIY home design ideas are easy, cost-effective, and loads of fun!

  • Which home design styles are trending in 2021?

There are many home design styles trending in 2021 including rustic vogue, cottagecore, yellow and gray, tropical flora, modern country, warm colors, ocean hues, classic traditionalism, shabby chic, statement canopies and headboards, a featured home office, maximalism, and multi-functional gardens. It's easy to get confused between all the options available for you but remember to opt for something that goes well with your current home decor.

  • How do I get my home redesigned?

There are two ways you can redesign your home: first by doing it yourself and second by engaging the services of a professional interior designer. While the first option is more cost-effective and allows you to completely control each aspect of your home, involving a professional interior designer yields results that cannot be replicated on your own. CasaOne offers top-notch interior design services to help you redesign your home perfectly.

  • Where can I get design consultants for my home design?

If you're looking for design consultants for your home design project, CasaOne is a great choice. We have assembled a team of professionally trained and highly skilled interior designers who can work round the clock to ensure all your requirements are being met. If you're confused about how to proceed with your home design project, get in touch with our design experts for a free, explanatory design consultation.