As part of a yearly ritual, Design Experts at CasaOne love to get together and nerd out about decor trends and color palettes that’ll steal the show in the upcoming year. It’s only fitting that as we venture into 2021, we talk about the color palettes that will take over our Instagram feed, the CasaOne website and our homes, of course!

We will stay cooped up in our homes for the most part of this year too, and so, it’s no surprise that the colors we’ve picked for your homes are resonant of all things nature! You heard right, in 2021 we’re embracing tranquil shades of blues, greens and browns to make up for all the time we aren’t spending outdoors! So, which specific shades should you work with, and how exactly should you infuse these colors into your home? Should they be used as big and bold wall colors, or as subtle accents and undertones across different parts of your home? Coming up are our answers to all of these questions!

Oceanic Blues

sideoard console table in wood colors

After many canceled beach vacations, we’ve decided to bring the sea home, with soothing shades of blues. Use a light, pastel shade, or go bold with a statement teal accent wall. While using cool tones of blue, we recommend adding them generously to your space to make sure that calming energy flows through your home. It also helps that these are timeless colors and will look fabulous in your home for years to come!

white dining chairs dining room

Leafy Greens

Hues of green, especially darker ones will be all the rage in 2021! Thanks to its versatility, you can add an emerald shade of green to the wall behind your bed and make it a focal point, or even use it as an accent color for your kitchen cabinets too. It’s sure to add a zen-like calm into your home while amping up that glam quotient at the same time!

green wall accent

In a largely neutral, white, and beige-shaded home, you can bring in a green accent chair like so, and give a drab corner a stunning makeover!

green chair in neutral background

We adore the use of the crochet throw over it, which brings in a new layer of color and texture to the chair.

Jewel Tones

If Inauguration Day fashion wasn’t enough proof, jewel tones are rather trendy this season! Our recommendation? Go to town with soft decor and furnishing in tones of sapphire, ruby, and emerald! They’re bound to create a luxurious vibe in your home and can also take away the attention from any minor flaws you’re looking to hide.

The Pantone Colors of the Year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating

It’s a proven fact that colors in your home play a role in uplifting your mood and Pantone’s Colors of the Year aim to do exactly this. We love the contrast of the inviting and sunny yellow against the classic shade of grey. After the nerve-racking year that was 2020, these colors are just what you’ll need to add cheer and positivity to the mood of your home. If you’re looking to jump up on the Pantone-Color-of-the-Year bandwagon, we suggest you opt for a grey wall or a sofa and throw in hints of yellow with accent chairs or cushions.

yellow and white pillows on grey sofa

Rustic browns and beige

Another color scheme inspired by the great (and deeply missed) outdoors is earthy browns and beige which we can embrace in more than one way in 2021. These tones can create a surprisingly serene vibe in your home. In spaces with subtle neutral whites, we’re predicting that enthusiastic home decorators will turn to warm browns to create a distinct style statement, in the form of classic natural wooden furniture, or simple photo frames too!

brown bench next to staircase

We hope this article sparks some inspiration to introduce fresh colors into your home in 2021! We’d love to see photographs of your color-upgraded home; tag @casaoneus on Instagram and we’ll feature our favorites on our page.

Your Questions on Home Decor Colors - Answered!

  • How to create a color palette for your home?

Here’s a smart hack to create a cohesive color palette for your home. Pick one statement decor item you adore — it could be an artwork or a carpet. Derive your palette for your home from its colors. The final shades you use can be subtle or bolder versions of the colors you extract from this piece, depending on your personal aesthetic and style.

  • What color combination matches my style?

To see which color combination suits your personal style the best, we recommend creating a mood board of your favorite living spaces on Pinterest. Once you’ve added over 10 visual references, you’ll see a color palette or a recurring theme that reflects your style. If you’re still unsure of which color combination is best for your home, you can sign up for a 1:1 consultation with CasaOne’s interior designers.