messy hands with DIY decor wall art
Want DIY home decor ideas? We got 'em! Read on to learn how to:
  • Up your plant game
  • Get crafty with tables
  • Pretty up the walls
  • Breathe life into old furniture
  • Create amazing accents for your home.

What’s the easiest way to look like you’ve got a brand new home without all the hassle of moving?

Redecorating, of course!

If you’ve been holding back on redecorating because you’d rather save for a rainy day, we’ve got good news for you. Redecorating doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. It can be cheap, satisfying and even more impactful than store-bought furniture. All you need are some craft tools, Internet tutorials, and a couple of free afternoons to create Insta-worthy cheap home decor that doesn’t break the bank. (Bonus: You’re going to have bragging rights when you tell your friends you made all the really cool furniture in your home all by yourself!)

Here are 5 easy-peasy D.I.Y Home Decor ideas to make your home look brand new.

Up Your Plant Game

plant on desk diy decor

The best thing about plants is that you barely have to do anything and they’ll still add life to your place. Take it up a notch by giving all the planters in your space a makeover with these room decoration tips. Transfer some of your plant babies to pretty flower vases or empty glass bottles and hot glue cheap jute rope on your vase to create a rustic statement piece.

You can also elevate your plants by placing them at different heights on top of stacked books or wooden pedestals (paint them funky colors) for boho chic home decor.

Get Crafty With Tables

blue side table home decor

Upcycle some junk at home and create brand new side tables for your living space. The best part? Not only do these look great, you’ll also be cleaning your home of clutter. How’s that for a win-win situation?

Stack old magazines or hard-cover journals on top of each other to create a stand. Simply cut a wooden box frame to fit snugly around one book and carefully nail it to the table’s underside. Paint the top your favorite color and screw in more books/magazines to create height.

Another great idea for a D.I.Y table that requires almost no effort is to buy old wooden tables, sand them down and paint them pretty pastel shades with chalk paint.

Pretty Up The Walls

diy wall art home decor

If you hate the color of your walls but don’t want to, just add a fresh coat of paint. Or if you’re looking to cover up some ugly marks on your wall, a little D.I.Y crafting for wall decor can go a long way. For a cheap home decor idea, buy photo frames on sale and fill them up with printed pictures of your favorite art work. You can also frame pieces of fabric (which are available at throwaway rates at fabric sales!) to create texture variations and a brand new color scheme on your wall.

Another option to brighten up your wall is to create a faux concrete wall. Simply paint your wall a shade of grey and follow a buffing technique using a dry paintbrush and lint-free cloth (tip: follow a YouTube video) for a brand new wall.

Breathe Life Into Old Furniture

upcycled diy cabinet

Don’t throw away your old chest of drawers that may have seen better days. For chic home decor, just buff it up with sandpaper and give it a fresh coat of glossy paint to make it (almost!) new. Or go the vintage route and buy some fun wallpaper to cover the drawers and give your room a boho vibe. Want to go the extra mile in being thrifty? Get a medley of wallpaper samples from your local hardware store and create a unique collage to cover your furniture. This is a great idea to cover scuff marks on side tables as well.

It’s All About The Accents

black and white pillows

A little needlecraft is the best way to create new home decoration. Sew some pom-poms, lace trim or fringe trim on old curtains, cushions, or even lamp shades for a fun makeover on home decor and pops of color in your furnishing. To get the most out of this cute D.I.Y home decor ideas, pick colors that contrast with the rest of your room decoration.

You could also use this idea for D.I.Y bedroom decor by sewing lace trims onto your existing pillowcases and blankets.

Once you’re done decorating your home in complete D.I.Y style, you might want new furniture to compliment your new decor pieces. For commitment-free furniture choices, you can choose to rent your furniture from CasaOne. You can choose a package that compliments your needs and add or change your furniture as needed. Browse CasaOne’s online furniture rental collection to find the pieces that best suit you or speak to our design experts for an in-depth consultation.

Got Questions?

How to make DIY home decor easy?

DIY home decor can be easy! Simply search the internet for new ideas and follow easy-to-follow tutorials on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and other social media channels. There are even specific social media influencers who create new DIY content every month- look out for that!

How can I decorate my living room DIY?

You can use the photo frame idea to add some character to your living room walls. You can also add pom-poms, tassels and trims to the existing soft furnishing in your living room- curtains, cushions or even rugs. You can also upcycle old furniture by giving them a fresh dose of paint.

What are the best DIY decor items for home?

It really depends on what you want to do but some must-have tools would be some basic paints, a hot gun, a needle and thread and a cool imagination!

How to DIY interior design a home?

There are many ways to do DIY interior design for your home. Follow some simple tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram for some cool ideas on how you can spruce up your space yourself. You can also get in touch with our design service team for advice.