5 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving like it’s 2019

We agree that Thanksgiving is going to look significantly different this year — but we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make it, possibly, even more fun than last year. That’s right, the pandemic has nothing on our will to make this festive season incredibly cheerful. After all, ‘tis the season to bond with your family and friends, share wholesome meals, and collectively count our blessings — and we’ve brainstormed a range of creative ideas to execute just that in the safest manner possible, with all the necessary checks in place.

So here goes our list of socially-distanced ideas that can make Thanksgiving 2020 a fabulously fun affair.

#1 A virtual thanksgiving cook-off

If your friends and family aren’t gathering at one place this year, the upside is - you guessed it - more turkey! Everyone might just be cooking their own Thanksgiving meals at home for their immediate family. We’re big on the idea of getting on a day-long Zoom or Facetime cook-off to make the cooking process joyful and less lonesome. Swap tips on how to perfect those mashed potatoes, or simply make it competitive; see whose centerpiece is the prettiest and if you’ve got kids at home, have them rate your turkey on a scale of 1-5 and compare scores later!

#2 Host an outdoor Thanksgiving

If you live in a warmer part of the country, you could host a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in your backyard. Arrange separate tables for each family or group of friends, and place them 6-feet apart from each other. Wear your masks, keep a sanitizer handy, and enjoy the feeling of celebrating together IRL, without compromising on safety.

If you want to keep things close-knit and simple this year, head off to your nearest park for a socially distanced Thanksgiving picnic with your family or closest friends. Start your evening with a bike ride or go on a walk before your meal to really get that appetite going.

#3 Tune in to give thanks

Showing gratitude by giving thanks is the most heartwarming part of the Thanksgiving tradition, and the pandemic isn't stopping us from doing this! Gather around with your family, and Zoom-call your loved ones to keep the tradition going. The perks? You won’t have to clean-up after an elaborate meal and it promises to be much shorter and sweeter than a cook-off, if that isn’t up your alley.

#4 Organize a Turkey Day game night

Zoom game nights, in general, are a hoot and we love the idea of having one with the perfect Turkey Day twist. A scavenger hunt packs in the action of being in the great outdoors within the safe confines of your home. To organize this, all you’ll need to do is give the players a list of clues for a certain action they’ll have to perform or an object they’ll have to produce from their homes as quickly as possible. Oh, and we went ahead and made one especially for you. Feel free to tweak it and make your own!

#5 Bring out the Thanksgiving decor

Adding festive touches to your decor will delight your spirits and help you slip right into holiday season mode. Embellish your front door with an acorn or fall-foliage wreath. We think a Thanksgiving-themed garland above the fireplace or even a beautiful centerpiece can do the trick too!

We hope you enjoyed our round-up of innovative ideas to celebrate a fun 2020 Thanksgiving! Did we miss something? Add your ideas in the comment section below and we’ll feature our favorite ones in this post.

Here’s hoping your holiday is filled with lots of pie, turkey, gravy, and wonderful memories with your loved ones.

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