Dorm Decor Ideas to jazz up that college housing

Going to college is probably one of the most important, exciting - and may we even add: adventurous! - phases of life. While this newfound independence comes with doing your own bed, laundry and dishes, this is also your first chance to set up your own space.

In these formative years of your life, you start to discover your individual style — one that’s truly you - and what better way to showcase it than your living space. In our third edition of the Student Corner series, we’re sharing dorm room styling ideas that will showcase your personality as a freshman and also make your space feel like a comfy home-away-from-home.

Keep reading if you’re looking for affordable, DIY ways to achieve this.

#1: The one with the fabric wall

The one with the fabric wall

Lackluster walls in college-issued accommodation can dull down its overall mood. Enter wall tapestry — an easy, affordable fix to make your dorm the happy place you want it to be. Grab one that resonates with your personal aesthetic. We love the Mandala fabric pictured above, that gives the room a Bohemian touch, just the kind of vibe you’re going for as a freshman.

#2: The one with lots of bedding layers

The one with lots of bedding layers

Can’t change the bed? Take control of your bedding! You’ll need a good night’s sleep after a whole day of classes and having fun with friends, and a comfy bed is essential. To give it a ‘just like home’ feeling, get generous with layers — throw in a soft, comfortable mattress, along with a mattress topper and a snug comforter. Don’t forget to add a bunch of differently sized pillows and cushions for good measure.

We’re crushing on this dreamy pastel patchwork comforter with hanging tassels, which, we should warn you, can have you hitting that snooze button one too many times before class.

#3: The one with the hat display

The one with the hat display

If you like big hats and you cannot lie... then you’re in for a treat. Chic, budget-friendly, and rather simple to put together, the hat wall might be the pick-me-up your dreary dorm needs. The trick lies in arranging hats in different shapes, textures, and sizes for it to look striking and keep your favourite accessory handy.

A few months down the line, if you get bored or need a change, replace it with wall plates, abstract art, or a macrame wall hanging, to give it a refresh!

#4: The one with the map on the wall

The one with the map on the wall

Nothing like a little travel inspiration when you’re working hard in college! Celebrate your inner wanderlust by hanging a large-sized map on your wall. The bigger your map, the cooler it’ll look in your compact-sized dorm room. Add pins or stickers to mark countries you’ve been to - or number them in order of dream destinations! Decorate it further with curated items like your vinyl record player, college banners, and books to give your dorm room that chic, old-school look.

#5: The one with the photo wall

The one with the photo wall

You can never go wrong with a photo wall that can be a great way to remind yourself of home while adding memories as you make them. Use this wall to display your favorite band, artists, or something you’re passionate about. If you’re the kind to get homesick, putting up photographs of your family to the mix might be a good idea too. Finish off the look with a string of fairy lights for a tranquil ambiance you’ll enjoy coming home to after an exhausting day of classes and assignments.

#6: The one with quaint lighting

The one with quaint lighting

A cute statement wall or table lamp can add warmth and cheer to a drab-looking dorm. Use it as a study lamp while you power through those late-night study sessions or as decorative lighting when you have friends over.

We hope these ideas give you the inspiration to make your student accommodation an A+ ‘dorm-sweet-dorm’, in which you’ll make unforgettable memories.

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