a cozy spot can become your island of calm

The past few months have come with a whirlwind of changes — how we work, meet, eat, sleep and, well, live! — is no longer what it used to be. Despite our work schedules going topsy-turvy and the news getting more unnerving each day, our homes have continued to be our constant companions.

Our home is now so much more than what it used to be. It is now an important part of our self-care, a soothing little oasis to keep us calm and collected amid the crazies.

We’re so delighted to be sharing ideas to make your humble abode more warm, cozy and inviting, to fade away all that stress, at least for a while. We guarantee you that simply reading this will make you instantly calmer, and so imagine how great you’ll feel when you bring these ideas to life!

Snug as a bug in a rug

A comfy, restful bedroom can mean better sleep, which in turn means waking up happier. Invest in a comfortable mattress, if you haven’t already, and add in a soft comforter to make your bedroom a stress-free zone filled with happy vibes only.

Tip: Do away with the clutter on your bedside, and opt for blackout shades to make your bedroom a tranquil little island of calm.

Set up a charming breakfast spot

Start your day on a wonderful note by having an intimate breakfast with your family (Highly recommended: keeping your phones as far away as possible during this time). Pull up a side table and a few lounge chairs in an aesthetic corner of your home. Extra points for organizing it in a balcony or a patio outdoors. The result? A nook you’ll look forward to waking up to every morning to enjoy a cup of coffee, a hearty meal and some great conversation.

Accentuate your fireplace ‘cause winter is coming

The fireplace is heartwarming as is and can be made all the more uplifting when decorated with the right accessories. Up the coziness meter by adding a rustic bench underneath it, and add a stack of books and magazines above it. Invoke those Hygge feels by throwing in a diffuser, scented candles and faux flowers into the mix.

A cozy seating nook is everything

Cane furniture + all-white linen + large-sized plants might just be our go-to formula for an instantaneous stress buster (Read our blog post on Neutral decor to know what we mean!). Set it up near a window and this sun-kissed seating nook will be perfect for catching up on Netflix with a hot cup of tea or to curl up with a great book after a hectic day of videoconferences and back-to-back deadlines.

Recreate a spa-like vibe with scented candles & fresh flowers

Transform your home into a sensorial delight with scented candles and essential oils. Nothing says ‘warm and inviting’ more than a room that has the sweet smell of lavender or vanilla.

We also recommend adorning your dining or bedroom with freshly cut flowers to add a calming yet cheerful touch to your home decor. Contrary to popular belief, fresh flowers can last you a long time, once you’ve figured out how frequently you need to change its water. With an array of flower subscription box services now available, you can now have hand-picked flowers delivered to your doorstep!

We assure you that you’ll no longer miss those visits to the spa, now that your home will feel just like one.

Channel your inner Marie Kondo

Coziness and clutter don’t go hand-in-hand. Rid yourself of unnecessary clutter and tidy up your home on the regular to spark Marie Kondo-level joy!

More plush cushions? Yes, please!

Amp up the warmth and softness in your living room by placing cushions of varied sizes in different textures. Knock yourself out by mixing velvet, cotton, and even suede cushion covers within the same spot. All the better, if they come with tassels and pom-poms, to form a chic inviting space that will shoo your troubles away for good.

It might be a while until you plan your next vacation, but in the meantime, we hope these ideas will convert your home into a retreat that’s as cozy and serene as a staycation spot that’s high up on your Airbnb wishlist.

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