7 wall decor ideas to add life to your home

At CasaOne, we like to look at empty walls as large, blank canvases. Sure, they can seem daunting to decorate, but they’re also brimming with potential and can bring unimaginable life to your home. If the Internet is still recommending you a gallery wall, we’ve got slightly more unique and fresh ideas up our sleeves. Read on to know what we mean.

1. Display a few of your favorite things

We love the idea of displaying hats, plates, mirrors or even baskets on your wall. The interplay of bright colors and varied textures along with different sizes and proportions exudes a perfectly imperfect look that’s stylish yet personal.

2. Macramé for days

A mix and match of different textures and patterns can give your wall decor a distinctive and playful mood. Macramé decor is all the rage these days (in case Pinterest and Instagram didn’t tell you already). There’s something wonderfully quaint about handwoven fabrics on a wall, and when mixed with a host of elements such as an accent mirror or an oversized succulent, as displayed above, a room filled with oodles of personality can come to life.

3. Play up vertical lines

A rustic ladder in a modern home can give it a balanced and grounded vibe. Not only does it add an illusion of height to your space, but can also be a clever way to hang your throws or trailing planters. If you’re someone who is open to experimenting with decor, we fully approve of you putting up the ladder horizontally, above your fireplace, perhaps. Add some postcards, Polaroid shots, curios, even little pieces of homemade artwork and we’re certain this wall decor idea will leave your guests inspired and taking notes!

4. Exposed brick walls are always a good idea

It’s no secret that exposed brick walls make homes look effortlessly cool, regardless of their decor style. Whether its a Scandinavian home with soothing whites or an urban industrial loft-style space, a brick wall can elevate it to the next level. Alternatively, you can bring home faux brick wallpaper that won’t break the bank and will look just as stunning as the real deal.

5. Not your average gallery wall

Don’t get us wrong, we love a great gallery wall — but we adore one with a new perspective. Take for instance this simple yet sophisticated wall, featuring six neatly framed Pantone color shades. The mostly monochromatic color scheme of the bedroom creates a great contrast for this vivid set to stand out even more.

6. Embrace your inner bookworm

You can never go wrong with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Unleash the geek within you by arranging your favorite books color-wise, alphabetically, or genre-wise. Dedicate shelves to your most cherished reads, classics, and hand-me-downs. To make it a little more perfect, add a reading nook right next to your wall bookshelf — we’re imagining a cozy lounge chair, a large planter and a side table for your hot beverage, and voila — you now have a soulful Hygge vibe infused into your home!

7. Urban Jungle goals

This one’s dedicated to those who love to bring the outdoors in. Pick up four or five gold watering cans and use them as accent wall decor to give your bohemian urban jungle a dash of modernity. Extra points for adding chic wall art around it to make this wall a sight for sore eyes.

We hope you found our round-up of wall decor ideas resourceful. Tag @CasaOneUs on Instagram to show us photographs of your wall decor and we’ll feature them on our page. If you’re doing up your dream home, be sure to check out our all-new Design Services, where you’ll get to work with our in-house designer to create realistic visualizations of your home.

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