Modern dining room design with wooden table and chairs

Given that you eat every day, spending some time evaluating dining room design ideas is only reasonable. Your dining room is where you come together with family and friends to eat, have conversations and create lasting memories. A well-designed dining room isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also allows you to enjoy your meals.

If your dining table remains untouched until it’s someone’s birthday or a Thanksgiving dinner, it’s time to spruce it up and make it more inviting. Here are 8 modern dining room design ideas you can follow to give your dining room a fresh new look.

1. Eclectic Seating

For a modern dining room design and layout, your primary aesthetic inspiration should be eclectic and chic. Avoid drab colors and solid wood chairs. In fact, a popular modern dining room design idea is to use distinctly mixed chairs for the dining table. You might think that the mix of colors and shapes won’t go together but trust us, it truly lends a unique and modern look to your dining room.

Minimalistic dining room design idea

2. Minimalism is Your Friend

Nobody likes a room packed to the brim with artifacts and unnecessary decor. When designing your dining room, be mindful of not overdoing it when it comes to adding different elements that might not necessarily go well together. Remember, simple and sleek are your guiding principles when designing a modern dining room.

3. Go With the Flow

In any personal space, the presence of a smooth flow is essential. How well do all the elements come together to create a functional space is a question you should ask yourself when designing your dining room. For instance, if you’re using a wooden dining table, opt for iron chairs with sleek lines for an uncomplicated, well-flowing dining room.

Dining room setup next to a large window for natural light

4. Natural Lighting

There’s nothing quite like natural lighting to give your dining room a modern appearance. When setting up the room, place the dining table and chairs near the biggest window available for plenty of natural light to brighten up your meals. For dinner, opt for recessed or pendant lighting for that perfect modern look.

5. Flower Power

Speaking of natural, a modern dining room design idea that’ll work wonders for you is the use of real plants and flowers to spruce up your room. Flowers and plants are not only a visual treat but also help keep the air inside your dining room clean. If you have a kitchen garden, you can set up your dining room overlooking it for added natural aesthetics.

6. Wallpaper It Up

Wallpapers are somewhat controversial when it comes to defining the modern decor. Most people associate wallpapers, especially floral ones, with being the opposite of modern design aesthetics. But if you make the right selection, wallpapers can give your dining room visuals a whole new dimension. Opt for monochrome colors and sleek patterns if you’re considering adding a wallpaper to your dining room.

7. Spatial Workaround

Not every house is home to an enormous dining room and if you’re dealing with a small dining room, we have just the solution for you. Instead of a long table, opt for a couple of banquette tables and use your existing chairs, couches and other seating options for a vibrant and playful look.

8. Break the Box

If you’re looking to experiment with your dining room design, opt for a circular dining table instead of a regular box-shaped one. The reason? A lot of design elements in your dining room will generally already be in the box shape so a circular table can work wonders to break the monotony. Circular tables are also easier to walk around, especially if you’re dealing with space constraints.

Follow these dining room design ideas to give your dining room a modern makeover. Play with different elements to create a space that matches your style expectations. A big part of any home furnishing or refurbishing project is the furniture. Instead of buying expensive furniture that you might grow tired of in a couple of years, rent dining room furniture from CasaOne. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can be also help you design the dining room of your dreams.