CasaOne’s design experts predict the biggest home decor trends for 2021

In 2020, we realized how much our homes really mean to us. While everything around us turned topsy-turvy, our homes became our sanctuaries, helped us stay grounded, and we derived a ton of comfort from them. As we draw closer to the end of 2020, our design experts are thinking of ways in which home decor trends, and our homes by themselves, will evolve in 2021.

We’re still going to be home a lot

Our big forecast for 2021, without spoiling too much of what’s ahead, is that we’ll only want to make our home comfier in the coming year. And of course, we’ve taken the latest design trends into account! So, let’s take a closer look at home decor and design trends we’re placing our bets on for the upcoming New Year.

More indoor plants, please

Let’s begin with a simple fact. We all went plant shopping in 2020, right? Our design experts predict that we’ll be visiting the plant nursery more often this year! Having your own plant collection has given us an excuse to nurture nature within the safe confines of our home. It’s comforting to know that indoor plants help to improve air quality; and while they’re at it, they add oodles of charm to your space too! Our favorite picks are the gorgeous fiddle-leaf fig tree and the snake plant that can easily uplift a bland corner and infuse it with cheer.

Darker color palettes will be huge in 2021

If sources are to be believed, 2021 will be the year we fully embrace darker hues on our walls! A dark navy blue or an emerald green will make for the perfect accent wall to give your home a luxurious feel, without making it seem too over-the-top. We also think this accent wall will make for the perfect canvas for a statement light fixture or a bold piece of art too!

Neutrals aren’t going anywhere

Neutrals were all the rage in 2020, and we’re seeing that flow right into 2021 too. Their mellow vibe and easy-going chic aesthetic continue to make it a go-to, easily achievable look. We’re also expecting lighter wood tones to go big in 2021 — consider them for your flooring, bookshelves, and all storage cabinets in general, ‘cause they compliment a neutral-themed space wonderfully. Earthy materials such as rattan, wooden and cane will also continue to make an appearance in our neutral homes, to give them a rustic touch.

Pantone’s Yellow + Gray color(s) of the year

Illuminating, a cheery yellow and Ultimate Gray are Pantone’s colors of the year, and boy, we’re swooning over them! The two colors convey a message of strength and hopefulness, which is exactly the kind of uplifting feel 2021 could use! Our forecast? These colors will make for the prettiest living room refresh. Here are two CasaOne pieces that you can rent out in this beautifully vibrant color scheme to make your home Pantone-approved!

Dried foliage for cozy feels

Dried flowers and pampas grass bunched up in glass vases might just take over little corners of our home in the upcoming year. It’s a beautiful way to add texture to your room, and to also give it a calm and cozy vibe.

The home office will evolve

In 2021 we may step into the sporadically, or work from home entirely. This only means that the home office will evolve. If you already have a study, we’re seeing more nooks at home, such as the kitchen and the living room doubling up as part-time work/study spaces — especially in homes with kids and two or more people working. We’re also predicting ‘study desks for 2’ to officially become a thing in 2021! This year will be all about multipurpose spaces.

Old world charm, with a modern twist

In the upcoming year, we may want to stay close to our roots and may infuse more vintage pieces into our home, if not upcycle them. We love the idea of mixing the old with the new to create a home that’s timeless! Think of it as authentic old-world charm, passing off as modern and dare we say, cool too!

Roof windows for a sky full of stars

So what if you can’t go out? A magical starry sky is always above you to look and ogle at. We’re absolutely thrilled about the emerging trend of roof windows!

We hope you enjoyed reading our home decor predictions for the upcoming year. Did we miss something? Tell us all your 2021 decor prophecies in the comment section below.