Bright mid-century modern living room with comfortable furniture

Popularized during the 1940s, the mid-century modern design aesthetic has remained popular well into the second decade of the 21st century. What makes this interior design, influenced by styles and designs from over 70 years ago, so timeless and popular? The answer lies in the definition. Mid-century modern design is defined by organic forms, clean lines, high functionality, and subdued ornamentation. Pieces of mid-century modern furniture looked good back when they were first launched, and because of their timeless appeal look great all these years later.

A living room is a great place to incorporate mid-century modern furniture because it provides the perfect blank canvas to go all out with your mid-century modern flight of fancy. Since your living room doesn’t need any must-have appliances like an oven or a refrigerator, and furniture like a dining table or a bed, you have a lot more freedom when it comes to furnishings.

To help you furnish your living room in the best way possible we have put together a guide on how to choose mid-century modern living room furniture. Read on to get started!

The Sofa

Mustard mid-century modern living room sofa

Your mid-century modern living room is incomplete without a comfy sofa that looks delightfully retro with a dash of modern sensibilities. But if you associate retro with bright colors and overly decorative furniture, we have got news for you. The mid-century modern design aesthetic is all about reflecting the stark minimalism of modern art without being too in your face. A typical mid-century modern sofa is rectangular with short legs and contrasting textures. To add a hint of retro to your living room, you can add luxe velvet pillows to the sofa or even chic leather upholstery.

The Chairs

Every living room needs chairs. For a mid-century modern living room, the easiest choice of chair is the classic accent or lounge chair. What are accent chairs, you ask? Accent chairs are pieces of furniture designed to complement the room decor, add contrast to a room, or even draw out a particular color. Opt for solid colored, mid-century modern inspired accent chairs in colors that go well with the existing color palette of your living room. Leather and wood recliners, leather ottomans, or even unique striped tub chairs are all perfect mid-century modern living room furniture.

Mid-century modern chairs and coffee table in pale pink lighting

The Coffee Table

A coffee table doesn’t just function as the focal point of the living room but also helps tie the whole look together. A cute coffee table fits perfectly well in a mid-century modern living room and is a common element across different mid-century modern designs. Opt for a coffee table with a marble or wooden top with hairpin legs for that desired mid-century modern look. Hairpin legs are clean, minimalistic and feature gentle curves, making them the poster child of mid-century modern living room furniture. If you’re opting for a smaller coffee table, you can use two of varying heights to create a layered effect.

These were the basics of how to pick mid-century modern living room furniture. Here are some general tips on how to make your living room truly mid-century modern.

  • A defining characteristic of mid-century modern furniture is its sleek profile and low-to-ground seating. When looking for mid-century modern furniture for your living room, choose pieces with shorter legs and slim designs.
  • Your mid-century modern living room needs a good blend of textures to feel authentic to the style. Combine sleek metals, cozy upholstery, and natural wood finishes for real mid-century modern goodness.
  • A major element of the mid-century modern aesthetic is geometry. When furnishing your living room in mid-century modern style, look for wall art, rugs, and pillows that feature modular shapes and intersecting lines for a hint of geometry.
  • While mid-century modern is associated with minimalism, you don’t have to make your living room drab and boring. Bring some vintage feel to your living room by adding subtle hints of glam through shiny accent pieces or velvet pillows.
A picture perfect mid century modern modern living room

Great, now that you have the basics down on how to choose mid-century modern living room furniture, it’s time to get started. You’ll start with buying the furniture but what if there was a better, more pocket-friendly alternative? Instead of buying expensive furniture you might grow bored of in a couple of years, rent living room furniture from CasaOne. We offer living room furniture from the best brands in the business at affordable rates.

Speak to our furniture experts today for a design consultation to figure out the best look for your living room.

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