Christmas Home Decor

If you’re the kind to start Christmas home decor early, to make its heartwarming feeling last longer, then here’s a virtual, socially-distanced high-five to you! From berry-filled wreaths to all things plaid, and of course, giant Christmas trees, we’re excited to put our best festive foot forward to make this holiday season truly memorable.

Here, we’re curating our favorite Christmas home decor ideas — some unexpected, and some that are fresh takes on classics — to transform your home into a Christmas miracle come the holiday season. Our promise? There’s something in here for everyone! So be sure to take notes, or grab screenshots, ‘cos you’ll need these handy this holiday season. Let’s jump right in.

An easy DIY stocking garland

An easy DIY stocking garland

Instead of the conventional stocking garland, we recommend opting for this adorable DIY version, made with clothesline clips. Incredibly simple to put together, all you’ll have to do is stick stockings on the clips, and hang it up in an unusual spot, instead of the regular fireplace mantle. The white sheer curtains as a backdrop bring out it’s cheery, Christmassy look!

Hang up your favorite X-mas catchphrase

Hang up your favorite X-mas catchphrase

Create your own Christmas banner with a cute catchphrase or a quote to add a playful feel to your holiday decor. Get into the merry-making mood on Christmas eve, by simply propping up your banner under the tree along with all your presents!

Christmas with a modern twist

Christmas with a modern twist

Don’t want to part with the modern look of your home for the holiday season? Keep the sophisticated theme running through Christmas too, by placing a bowl of pine cones and lighting up some candles in different parts of your living room. Minimal? Yes. Fuss-free? Yes. Festive? Also, yes!

Brighten up your home in Christmas color schemes

Deck the halls... red and green

Deck the halls... red and green

When we said there’s something for everyone here, we absolutely meant it. So if you’re the ‘Go big or go home’ kind, opt for a traditional green and red coordinated look in your living room. This holiday hearth will be the perfect spot to gather around and enjoy a great cup of eggnog!

Create an all-white winter wonderland at home

Create an all-white winter wonderland at home

Capture the magical feeling of Christmas with an all-white decor theme. We love the faux fur stockings and rug, which adds to the snuggle quotient of this space. Do up your fireplace mantle with leaves, flowers and pine cones to introduce fresh textures and colors! In a beautiful nook like this, it’ll be a merry Christmas, indeed.

DIY hanging ice skates

DIY hanging ice skates

If you’ve got an old pair of ice skates lying around, upcycle them to inspire a festive mood! Wrap them up with red ribbon and stuff them with wintertime evergreens for a fresh look. Top it up with a string of fairy lights to create a breathtakingly charming piece of Christmas home decor!

Bring the Christmas vibe to your bedroom

Bring the Christmas vibe to your bedroom

Who says the Christmas home decor needs to stop at your living room? This time around, get the festive theme to flow into your bedroom too. A miniature Christmas tree and a wreath over your bed is a wonderful way to indulge in that holiday spirit. Upgrade your blanket to a chunky knitted one for extra-cozy winter siestas.

Christmas for minimalists

Christmas for minimalists

Here is a little tip for laid-back Christmas enthusiasts! For a perfect last-minute Christmas tree, simply throw in a mini-tree or evergreens onto a bucket and use fairy lights to finish off the look. The result is minimal but surprisingly cute!

Christmas for minimalists 2

Speaking of minimal decor, this dainty little wreath is all sorts of cute and stylish! Place it on your door or even your kitchen to set the festive mood across your home.

Cute reindeer themed table decor

Christmas home decor 1

Don’t forget to bring the Christmas theme to your dinner table! These undeniably charming reindeer figurines with a wreath around their neck have our hearts. Add a dash of Christmass-y red to your dinner table by scattering fresh berries all around!

DIY Christmas tablescape

Christmas home decor 2

Want to keep your tablescape simple and elegant? You can also place some lush greens from your backyard over a plaid napkin with a personalized handwritten note. Your guests will be sure to Instagram this adorable table decor.

Unique chair decor

Christmas home decor 3

Bored of the usual dining table centerpiece? Spruce up your chairs instead! Tie in a wreath ornamented with pine cones and berries on your chair for a one-of-a-kind Christmas home decor fix!

Evergreen garlands are timeless!

Christmas home decor 4

Add an evergreen garland adorned with berries or apples to different nooks of your home! We think it can transform any space into a beautiful Christmas corner that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of!

Get creative with your X-mas wreath

Christmas home decor 5

Here’s another fabulous way to add a wreath to your Christmas home decor. We love this one with tons of pine cones, which adds a rustic touch that we’re all about!

A window full of stars

Christmas home decor 6

Nothing says X-mas like sparkly stars! We’re all in for dressing up our windowsill with Christmas-themed stars, laced with glitter. Prop them up in different shapes and sizes to create that perfect heartwarming vibe.

Winter-fy the front porch

Christmas home decor 7

We adore the idea of painting your door red or green, in keeping with the spirit of the season. Have a little fun, by adding more than one wreath (there are no rules, really!), and do up your entryway with pretty fairy lights to give your guests a magical Christmas welcome!

Christmas home decor 8

You can also style your door with stockings or mittens. We’re loving this one with a little nametag written in a handwritten font.

Christmas home decor 9

If minimal chic is more your style, you’ll fall in love with this metal star-shaped wreath, with faux flowers and greens! So classy and holiday-appropriate at the same time.

Set up a hot cocoa station

Christmas home decor 10

‘Tis the season to feel warm, cozy and drink all that hot chocolate! Set up a hot cocoa station in your living room. This Santa mug is sure to bring extra cheer to your Christmas break!

Like these ideas that say ‘Christmas is coming’? We’re so excited to see you bring them to life! Upload your X-mas decor pictures on Instagram and tag @casaoneus — we’ll make sure to feature our favorite photographs!

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