Give your space a granny-chic makeover to achieve the Grandmillennial look!

The grand-millennial home decor style has taken Instagram and Pinterest feeds by storm, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about it.

In with the old

Deriving its inherent roots from a maximalist eclectic design style, the grand-millennial aesthetic is a celebration of the scores of vintage items you discovered in your granny’s room growing up. We’re talking about needlepoint canvases, doilies and a pattern party of old-world florals.

If you’ve secretly adored all of these, now is the time to embrace it, because 2020 is seeing an emerging trend of granny-style going chic — not to say that it wasn’t, to begin with. To be honest, if we had Instagram in the 90s, we’d be adding filters and posting about the gorgeous hidden treasures unearthed from our Grandma’s closet with #Instagranny (see what we did there?).

Wondering how you can achieve this wonderfully old-school look? Keep reading to find out!

The needlepoint look is on-point

Image source: Bored Panda

Sassy phrases on print? Sounds passé. We love the idea of adding them as cross-stitched needlepoint to make an impactful statement, in true Grandma fashion. Put this up on walls in sets of two or three, or even use them on cushion covers or doormats to introduce a lovable yet off-beat element to your decor.

Blue and white porcelain makes a comeback

This classic ceramic color combination resonates with granny chic, and how! From plates to teacups, and oversized flower vases, this will give your home a sophisticated look that’s also a nod to 90s home decor.

Florals, florals, everywhere!

What’s grand-millennial decor without a floral touch? Show off your love for all things vintage with table runners, bedspreads, curtains, or even tea sets laden with flowers.

We fully approve of the coordinated floral look, for instance, having the same floral print flow through your curtains and sofa upholstery. Yes, we’re going there!

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns

The thing about grand-millennial style is that more is always, well, more. Go to town mixing your florals with paisley, brocade or prints with natural elements like trees, birds, animals to bring out that vintage vibe in your home.

Pro tip: Mix and match two differently printed upholstered benches or lounge chairs for a stylish look. Balance it out with a classic-colored sofa; we recommend the timeless emerald green!

Bring home something handcrafted with love

Welcome all things knitted, handmade and crochet, designed in the most creative ways into your home. If doilies aren’t your thing, we recommend hanging them up as wall tapestry for a cozy addition to your grand-millennial home. We love this cute crochet rug in an elephant design, that gives a charmingly millennial twist to your Grandma’s handcrafted doilies.

Old is gold (mirrors)

Large-sized mirrors are a great way to give an empty wall a statement look. We recommend propping up a gold mirror with leafy details to savor a little nostalgia in your granny chic home.

Handpicked by CasaOne

The Ellery sofa with its channel back and tufted upholstery is the perfect homage to vintage decor, and will pretty up a living room that’s done up with florals and delicately handwoven tapestry.

While grand-millennial decor might sound like another passing fad, we love it for its underlying message of reusing and savoring a little of the old for the future. If you, like many, don’t have access to souvenirs or heirloom pieces from your older generation, you can explore vintage and antique decor haunts and source lovely gems to give your modern home an old-world charm, inspired by our fabulous grannies, of course!

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