Christmas party

Who would’ve thought that 2020 would be the year we’d say goodbye to grand holiday vacations and embrace close-knit get-togethers at home. Our holiday calendars are filled with exciting game nights with friends or an intimate dinner with the family — and hey, we’re not complaining. The holiday season is also peak hosting season, and if you’re throwing a little Christmas party at home, we’re here to run through everything you’ll need to make sure you’re ready to turn into the host with the most! Planning in advance can be a gamechanger and won’t suck the joy out of the season — so from the perfect bar setting to decor and lighting and even your music — here’s the *most* essential X-mas bash checklist you’ll need to go over before you begin prep! We hope you’ve got a pen and paper handy, so you can take note. Let’s dive into it!

A heartwarming e-invite

To start off, you’ll need to send your guests an invite to RSVP to your party. We’re all about keeping it fuss-free and sending out e-cards that you can shoot out via a text message too. It’s super convenient and so much more eco-friendly than sending out invites IRL, which in all likelihood use plastic, along with the paper. ICYMI, we wrote about celebrating a zero-waste Christmas 2020 — check it out here.

A perfectly elegant Christmas dinner

Christmas party 1

Prepping a festive menu can be nerve-wracking — what with everyone on the guest list having their own favorites and preferences! We love Good Housekeeping’s resourceful Christmas Dinner Ideas that’ll give you all the inspiration for an unforgettably wholesome holiday meal. Have a lot to plan already? Ask your guests if they’d be open to a potluck Christmas dinner. This will mean everyone’s preferences are taken care of by default, and you’ll be sure to have a scrumptious holiday buffet to tuck into!

Make sure you have the right kind of dinnerware to serve your guests. CasaOne’s 16-piece dinnerware set is an excellent choice with its classic all-white look. The best part? They’re up for rent at only $12 a month!

Go big with an X-mas theme party

Christmas party 2

While having a theme for a Christmas party can be a tad bit of work, it always turns out to be so much more fun than a regular celebration! Ask your guests to wear their most fun Christmas-theme sweaters — (we’re talking bright red and green ones, with reindeers and all that) or organize a fun Gingerbread house making contest!

The cozy bar setup

Whipping up some eggnog or a classic mulled cider for your guests? You’ll need a cozy bar setting to serve and savor those lovely holiday-themed drinks!

Christmas party 3

Our pick is this gorgeous wooden table with steel legs that can be paired with this charcoal and matte walnut barstool; its metal accent on the table adds the perfect amount of sparkle for the festivities. To bring these home, hit us up at our CasaOne store ASAP.

Christmas party 4

Music that’ll help you get into the spirit of the season

Once you’re all settled with your drinks, you’ll need a playlist with all the holiday classics to infuse your night with cheer and joy! Our personal recommendation? This Holiday Playlist on Spotify has a mix of the can’t-do-without classics and the latest Holiday hits (yep, all of Micheal Buble’s soulful Christmas tunes can be found here too!)

If you think a Holiday playlist needs to be more personalized, we totally recommend co-creating one with your guests. Just share your Spotify playlist with your attendees and have them add their current favorites to the list!

Dreamy lighting

Christmas party 5

Your Christmas party is going to need dreamy lighting that sets the perfect mood. We adore the chic Grayson lamp which you can prop up near your sofa or in your dining room for all those warm and cozy feels.

Elevate the mood with a string of fairy lights, which you can adorn over your Christmas tree or even hang up on your windowsill or stairway.

Christmas party 6

Winter-ready decor

Christmas party 7

Switch up your regular decor for more winter-appropriate pieces. We’re eyeing this shaggy rug and a bunch of velvet cushions to give our living rooms that snug yet stylish vibe the season demands.

Christmas party 8

Looking for some DIY decor ideas? We might have some adorable yet practical tips and ideas for you here.

Christmas party 9

We love a home that doesn’t just look like Christmas but also smells like one! Add a few holiday-scented candles to your coffee table, fireplace mantle and dining table. They’re a great addition to your winter season decor and their sweet and spicy aroma will delight your guests as soon as they step into your home.

Excited about your upcoming Christmas bash? We hope these think-ahead ideas help you plan your holiday party smartly — and while you’re playing host, don’t forget to have fun yourself, because isn’t that what Christmas is really about?

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