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2020 was going to be great - the start of a fresh decade, full of ambitious resolutions and optimism. We were going to make it this time. Make more money, find love, get fit, something...

But this year has been difficult. We’re dealing with the fear of layoffs, the isolation at home, bad news all around, closed restaurants, closed gyms, closed everything that used to be good in this country.

So you know what?

When life gives you lemons, we’ll rent you a blender for that lemonade. In our continuing efforts to make life at home more comfortable this year, CasaOne is now going to help you achieve your goal to get fit by offering fitness equipment and accessories for rent.

So even if you can’t really go out, you are still going to save money, look great, feel great, and get fit at home. Best of all, you get to finally kick 2020’s butt and have a ton of fun doing it.

The 3 Secrets to Make Working Out Fun at Home

woman doing yoga with dog is a fun home workout

To help you get started, here’s some advice on how to make your workouts at home more fun, stay motivated, find happiness, and come out of 2020 stronger.

You can choose any one tip, combine tips, or rotate between them to ensure months of slaying workout goals. Let’s go!

Secret 1: Star in an Action Movie

You’re blessed with a fantastic ability to visualize yourself in any scenario you want in your head. By simply closing your eyes, you can imagine laying on a beach, working on your laptop in a magical, fictional classroom, or even running for your life from a horde of zombies.

Which brings us to our first secret to super fun home workouts - imagine yourself in an action movie.

When you’re lifting weights, pretend you’re a double-O secret agent training for a classified mission. When you’re planking, pretend you’re a superhero, holding something up to save the planet. When you’re running on the treadmill, pretend you’re the last human in a zombie apocalypse. Or an Olympic gold medalist. Or Forrest.

running on the treadmill makes workout out fun at home

What comes to mind is the motivated, life-or-death moments where characters train for a climactic fight with the big villain. All you need to do is think of your favorite action movie scenario that you would love to put yourself in and be the hero of.

You can be anything you want. Go on, suit up, and save the world!

Secret 2: Do Something Different

Our second secret to sustained home workout motivation is to add something new to your workout routine every day.

Not only is this super great for your body (because you exercise something new in a new way each time), but great for your mental energy and creativity too. You’ll see when you give this a shot for a week.

Plus, it’s the novelty that makes it interesting. Sticking to one routine may be great at first because it’s clear and comfortable. But over time, it starts to feel like a chore. When you start to get creative, you also start becoming more mindful of how you work out at home. This improves your performance and you’ll see better results sooner, which in turn will keep you motivated.

the right yoga mat helps make home workouts fun

If you still want to stick to your routine, or maybe you’ve been prescribed one by a fitness trainer or medical expert, you can still create variety. For example, vary your workout music playlist, wear different workout clothing, or just face a different direction each day. Think West-Side Wednesdays, South-Side Sundays or Fireplace-Facing Fridays. Sounds weird, but you know it wouldn’t be fun if it didn’t.

Secret 3: Get Super Cool Equipment

Remember we said we’re launching home fitness equipment on pocket-friendly rental plans? No-equipment workouts are great, but nothing beats having the gear you need to sculpt a fit and fab version of you. Like the brushes to your artwork, the screws to your table, the laptop to your streaming binge-sesh.

Whether it’s a yoga mat to boost stamina and flexibility, or weights to build muscle, or a treadmill for a satisfying hour of cardio, you’re literally equipping yourself with everything you need to have fun reaching your fitness goals.

workout equipment for your home can make exercise fun

Luckily, you don’t have to go to a crowded place like the gym, or earmark funds to buy equipment for your home. We personally needed to let off some steam and take care of ourselves during a difficult year and that’s why we’ve launched fitness equipment rental plans we know you’re going to love.

Ready to Make Home Workouts Fun?

get fitness equipment in any color to make exercising at home more fun.

If you’re eager to get started, simply get fitness equipment, design a varied routine that fits your goals, and suit up like you’re the hero about to defeat all odds in an awesome action movie. You’ll find that home workouts are so fun, you’ll enjoy every moment of them, and not just the results.

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