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The winter season brings with it cold hues, long days, and plenty of snow. Once the holiday season comes to a close and you have a long, dry winter ahead of you, a change in your home decor is much needed to add some cheer and warmth to your interiors. From the furniture to the wall color, there are many things you can change to be more winter-appropriate. Even your outdoor area needs some looking after during the winter season like a winter tarp for outdoor furniture or patio furniture covers for winter.
Winter decorations aren’t just restricted to Christmas wreaths and fairy lights. There’s a lot of room to play with if you’re looking for winter home decor. To help you add some winter charm to your home, we have put together some winter decor ideas to help you out.

How to Decorate Your Home for The Winter Season

#1 The Winter Details: Your home decor isn’t just one piece of furniture or a painting on the wall but the coming together of all the different elements you choose for each room. If you’re looking for winter home decor options, start by adding little details that are strikingly winter-themed. A few examples of winter-themed details would be snowflake ornaments, miniature potted furs, candles, wooden showcases, and more. By furnishing your living room or dining area with these tiny details, you can give your home interiors a touch of winter without spending too much time or money.

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#2 Feature Fireplace: Nothing screams winter more than a cozy fireplace. If your home features a fireplace, the winter season is the perfect time to showcase it in all its glory. Make it the focal point of your living room by placing your furniture around the fireplace, decorating the mantle with a bit of winter greenery, faux snowballs, and maybe even some winter-appropriate artwork. Even if your fireplace isn’t functional, you can make it the star of your winter showcase by sprucing it up, adding candles on the mantle, and in a small coffee table overlooking the fireplace.

#3 Outdoor Winter Furniture: While it’s unlikely you’ll be outdoors a lot during the winter season, it’s still nice to have winter outdoor furniture for days when the sun shines bright. Winter patio furniture, outdoor dining tables, and resin wicker patio furniture are some of the popular choices for your outdoor seating space. If you don’t want to spend a considerable amount of money to buy season-specific furniture, you can also rent outdoor furniture instead. Looking for outdoor patio furniture rental? CasaOne offers great outdoor furniture at affordable rates and on flexible rental plans. Also, get outdoor furniture covers for winter if you’re setting up an outdoor seating space to protect your furniture from the cold weather.

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#4 Winter Centerpiece: A recurring motif in most winter home decor ideas is the use of natural elements. From pine cones and winter flowers to shed deer antlers and clippings of greenery, there are natural winter decor items aplenty. If you’re having trouble finding the use of these individual elements, the best way to utilize them is by putting together a crafty centerpiece. All you need is a big bowl and plenty of natural decor items and you’re all set. One of the easiest DIY winter decorations, a centerpiece isn’t just cost-effective but can substantially brighten up your dining room or living room.

#5 Cozy Upholstery: The key to great winter home decor is using cozy and warm fabrics for the furniture and equally comfortable rugs and carpets for the floor. Chenille, jacquard, and velvet are some of the popular winter furniture fabrics that both look good and are warm and cozy. Other winter-appropriate furnishings that work perfectly are fur throws, wool rugs, and more. When choosing winter furniture for your home, be mindful of the material, and get something that works for the cold weather. For instance, a leather sofa will be cold in the winter.

Winter home decor

#6 Create a Reading Corner: Given that you'll be spending a majority of your time indoors, the winter season is the perfect time to set up a cute reading corner. Ideally, choose an area overlooking a window and furnish it with a comfortable single-seater couch or winter sofa and add a woolen rug and fur throw for good measure. If you want a bigger space, you can opt for a bench or a 3-seater couch as well. A couple of cushions also work well with your dedicated winter reading corner.

#7 Winter Porch Decor: Your porch is like the cover page of your home and gives guests the first peek at your design aesthetic. When doing up your home for the winter season, you need to pay extra attention to the porch and decorate it with beautiful winter-themed items. Some decoration options you can choose from include wreaths, door hangings, planters filled with greenery, fig branches, pine cones, and other natural elements. If you're looking for something offbeat, you can even add a wreath made of old sweaters to your front door.

These are some basic winter decor ideas you can follow to bring some winter cheer to your home. If you're looking to furnish your home with new furniture for the winter season, we have just the solution for you. Rent beautiful winter furniture for rent from CasaOne and enjoy access to our exciting range of products from some of the top brands in the business. With our flexible rental plans, you can bring home winter-appropriate furniture for the season and return or replace it when you want. Get in touch with our interior designers for an in-depth consultation if you have questions about renting furniture or interior design in general.

Got Questions?

  • How to decorate your home for winter?

Winter home decor is all about warmth, comfort, and keeping things natural. From woolen rugs to pine cone centerpieces, many different elements need to come together to make your home interiors perfect for the winter season. Other ways to decorate your home for winter include spotlighting your fireplace, setting up a cozy winter corner, using warm fabrics for furniture, and more.

  • What to do with Patio furniture in winter?

You need to protect patio furniture from the cold and there are two ways to go about it; you can either store your patio furniture in the winter season or cover it with a tarp. While some furniture manufacturers provide a custom cover with outdoor furniture, you'll mostly have to buy it separately.

  • Can you leave resin wicker furniture outside during winter?

Yes, resin wicker furniture is weather resistant and can be left outside during the winter season. This is because all resin and wicker furniture is resistant to hot and cold weather, UV-rays, and mildew.

  • How to store outdoor furniture in winter?

The best way to increase the lifespan of your outdoor furniture is to store it in a shed or a dry storage space during the winter season. If you don't have additional storage space, you can always cover your outdoor furniture with a tarp or bring it indoors and arrange it with your existing furniture.