Six storage hacks for your dorm room to make student life that much easier

ICYMI, our first post in the Student Corner series showcased nifty hacks and ideas to maximize space in your student accommodation. For the second installment in this series, we’re going to talk about the *one* thing that can make living in small spaces a breeze — smart organization. These resourceful ideas will transform your dorm room or apartment into a functional haven.

#1. Say hello to smart suitcase storage

Your roomy suitcases needn’t stay empty once you settle into your student accommodation. Use it to stash your winter wear or your bed and bath linen - things that don’t need to be accessible all the time. You can also hide them under your bed or stack ‘em up above your wardrobe to ensure it doesn’t take up too much floor space.

#2. More than just a bookcase


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Our Transmit Bookcase is great when used as a wall-divider in your shared apartment or can be placed against a bare wall in your dorm room. The best thing about the Transmit? You can use it to store a host of items, beyond books. Invest in a foldable storage box to stow cables, cords and wires. Place your treasured items from home to give the bookcase a warm and decorative feel.

#3. Convenient over-bed storage

Convenient over-bed storage

Two bedside tables in a smaller-sized room could make it feel overstuffed and crammed. Enter over-bed shelves — the perfect way to double up on storage without using up any floor space. It can come handy to hold your phone, water bottle and other bedside essentials. Add a family portrait along with a vase of fresh flowers to enhance the calming vibe of your bedroom.

#4. Hang up your boots, literally

Over-the-door shoe racks are a blessing in disguise, no pun intended. Whether you’re a closet hoarder or a minimalist, you can find cloth or metal racks in a range of sizes to hang up your shoes and forget about them. No more tripping over shoes while rushing to get to class on time!

#5. Closet clutter, be gone

A chaotic wardrobe is no fun to wake up to. Use drawer dividers to compartmentalize space within your college-issued furniture such as wardrobes or a chest of drawers, and stay organized.

#6. Make your study desk a productive oasis

study desk

While a study desk is no brainer for any freshman’s room, ensuring it’s organized and roomy can help you stay focused on your goals. CasaOne’s Graham Desk comes with two ample drawers to hold your notebooks, stationery and essential documents. The large-sized table allows you to throw in a desk organizer, and a computer along with a pair of speakers too.

Graham Desk

Add a metal wall grid or a pegboard against it, to hang up little notes of inspiration, to-do lists and vintage-styled polaroids.

Found these tips useful? Watch this space for more hacks and ideas specially for students moving to college. In our next post, we’ll be sharing ideas to turn your dorm room into a cozy home-away-from-home.

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