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Rugs have been part of our home decor for thousands of years. They instantly add a cozy vibe to a room. Rugs are also used to separate different areas of the house while offering an extra layer of warmth to cold or bare flooring. They are a great way to add personality to simple spaces and can also work as a statement piece of decor.

So without waiting much, jump on the bandwagon of rug trends and boost your rug game today. Pick the perfect rug for your home decor from a wonderful and extensive assortment of rugs on the internet. Finding what you need and making sure that what you pay for is the best you can get in terms of quality and fashion needs while keeping up with the most recent rug trends is the best feeling ever.

In this article, we'll discover the trendiest rug colors and design trends for the current year.

Let’s get started!

Rug color trends 2022

The color of a rug, regardless of type, is its most important feature. However, you should consider your own tastes as well as the design of the room when choosing the rug's color. To spur you on to try something different, we would like to call your attention to some of the most well-liked rug colors in 2022.

Yellow tone rugs

According to experts, you should choose vibrant colors to improve your surroundings and infuse the space with positivity. In this regard, a vibrant yellow shade is ideal. Even on the coldest winter days, the warmth will be retained. It will appear very good in your interior design when the sun is shining on it.

Navy blue rugs

With a navy blue rug, you can add a sense of freshness to your interior design while bringing the ocean wind into your space. This color has a long history of appeal and has no intention of losing it. If you want to create a calm environment and balance the contrast in your room, it is ideal for you.

Natural and neutral-tone rugs

We advise choosing shades of green, brown, beige, cream, or ivory color to infuse nature in your home decor and a sense of freshness. Brown or beige rugs will keep the space looking warm and soften the atmosphere. Likewise, ivory, white fur rug, or cream rugs will bring a soft, rich, and dreamy look to your decor. Emerald green rug or sage green rug will bring in the freshness of nature inside your home.

Turquoise tone rugs

A turquoise tone will enhance a space with neutral colors and give the area a regal feel. It should be noted that if you want to create a statement in your room, this hue is ideal and has been very fashionable recently.

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Rug patterns for 2022

rug patern trends

The appearance of the carpet as a whole and its function in the interior design can be completely altered by an innovative pattern. In this regard, choosing the appropriate patterns based on color and style is crucial. However, according to analysts, the following trends will be some of the most common in 2022:

Woven pattern

Woven patterns with floral or leafy motifs harmonize beautifully with patterns on other furniture pieces. For example, a flower rug.

Geometric pattern

A variety of geometric patterns give firmness through their sharp edges or softness through their rounded forms to the interior design. For example, a checkered rug.

Stripe pattern

Stripe patterns, particularly with bright colors for a neutral background and soothing shades to match a minimalist design, can balance the image and give the space a fresh glitter.

Top rug trends for 2022

Since rugs are still a common component of interior designs, industry professionals constantly develop fresh, intriguing designs and concepts. These trends start with ideas like the sensible use of space and comfort and then incorporate patterns and colors for a fresh appearance.

Simple designs

Neutral-color rugs and simple architecture have never been outmoded. The 2022 trends, on the other hand, suggest a sensible use of space, involving fewer details and neutral hues for a perfect background, making them more popular than ever. Look at the following characteristics to see how they capture the spirit of this trend:

  • Simple designs for a homogenous surface
  • Neutral hues like beige, white, and cream
  • Large size to cover more ground
  • The primary function is to act as a backdrop for other room components.

Round it out

Curvy shapes and finishes are having a significant moment in interior design right now, from rounded sofas to rounded archways. Want to participate in it quickly and affordably? Consider a round rug! If you want to truly highlight those fashionable curves, roll out a rounded style in an unusual space. A spherical beige rug or white fur rug contrasts beautifully with more traditional, angular furnishings.

spherical beige rug

Sustainable and eco-friendly impact

It is no secret that many industries, including interior design, include the eco-friendly concept. Choosing the right rug fabric is the easiest option available in this context. This kind of rug will make a statement about your home's design and its eco-friendly influence, representing the idea that we should protect nature's beauty, which is one of the trends for 2022. In this regard, the following elements deserve your attention:

  • Choose a rug made with recyclable materials
  • Choose a rug that was already recycled
  • Consider the rug’s design, which should feature hues and patterns that are inspired by nature to better convey the concept behind this fad

Shades of brown

The fact that we adore neutrals here is no secret. Therefore, we are thrilled to watch brown hues ascend to the top and become the upcoming "it" neutral. Think of these colors as a more natural substitute for cream rugs, taupe rugs, and grey and white rugs (which, by the way, we still think are excellent color choices!). All washes of wood and colors that are inspired by nature, such as green and blue, go incredibly well with browns since they lend richness and a lovely natural character to any place they occupy.

Comfort is everything

Comfort is one of the 2022 trends. Of course, you should consider the rug’s design and incorporate it into your aesthetic. However, we advise that you begin with comfort. All you need to do is identify the rug that suits your lifestyle and expectations. Consider the following factors in this regard:

  • For a cozy feel, choose a white fluffy rug or a neutral option like an ivory rug.
  • For practical use of the rug on chilly winter days, think again about natural materials to keep your feet warm.
  • Keep in mind that the rug’s color and pattern should be soothing to the eye and cozy for the atmosphere. To compliment your neutral wall decor, you can opt for an emerald green rug or navy blue rug to add cozy vibes.

Graphic patterns

Vibrant plaid patterns and checkered rug patterns have been widely used in home decor for years now, and we anticipate seeing much more of them in the future. We adore how this style is reflected in carpets, as well as the fact that you can attempt something more subdued with a smaller version of the trend or go big with an expansive check pattern.

Washable rugs

Washable rugs have undoubtedly had their time in the limelight over the past year, and we predict that their popularity will only grow in coming years. In particular, washable white fur rugs—styles that, despite their appearance to be unsuitable for washing, are available in a variety of simple washable designs. So be ready to unwind, bury your feet into these immaculately plush rugs, and forget about dirt and stains forever!

Mixed materials and colors

The majority of people typically picture rugs as being piled or flat woven and made of one or a combination of common materials like jute, wool, or polypropylene. But lately, we've noticed rugs made from a more unusual combination of materials, such as leather strands woven with wool or cotton, or cowhide chopped and stitched into eye-catching patterns. The outcome? Luxurious designs with a beautifully distinctive texture will undoubtedly bring something special to your room. Likewise, we’ve also seen rugs in multicolor shades, such as rainbow rugs and Aztec rugs. Multicolor rugs are one of the hottest trends of 2022 of which a mix of bright colors on neutral rug surfaces is the most common. This type of rug is also referred to as a rainbow rug.

Go green

Another earthy tone gaining popularity is green. This trend is all about embracing fresh color and adding a bit (or a lot!) of nature's beauty to the home, whether it be subdued olive rugs or dazzling pops of emerald green rugs.

Chic black accent

grey and white rugs

There is no doubt in the streamlined and elegant appearance that black accents provide a room. Little flashes of black or grey, whether in a rug, lighting, fixtures, or other décor items, are ideal for making your room pop and for fostering a contemporary atmosphere with depth and interest. For example, white and black rugs or grey and white rugs are ideal for amping up the appearance of your house.

An eclectic combination of vintage and modern

This style alludes to a retro effect that uses contemporary methods to restore traditional values. Vintage is a hot trend for 2022 and has influenced many parts of interior design.

We advise you to choose retro rug design options to emphasize traditional ideas while giving your room a fresh sparkle. Retro rugs are an excellent choice to add a vintage feel and enhance the overall interiors of your house.

  • Choose designs with a vintage appearance that appears faded.
  • Think about complex patterns of different kinds.
  • When it comes to color and design, make reference to specific civilizations.

Nature's bounty indoors

This style is all about bringing the beauty of nature within and embracing all kinds of natural patterns, whether it's a vibrant palm leaf print or an antique retro rug with delicate floral motifs. Add some plants and earthy shades of rugs like green, blue, and brown, or flower rugs to amp up the appearance even further.

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What to look for when buying a rug?


The length of the rug fibers is indicated by the pile height. A rug’s pile height is frequently characterized in terms of low, medium, and high, while occasionally it is stated in terms of inches. A medium or high pile area rug, however, will make you feel cozier and more opulent.


The softness, stain resistance, and longevity of a rug will all be greatly influenced by the sort of fibers used to produce it. Although natural materials like cotton, jute, or wool might be seen as the top fibers for rugs, synthetic materials, such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene are an ideal choice. These fibers are more durable and stain-resistant than some natural fibers, and they are frequently more affordable.

Size and shape

Size is among the most crucial factors to take into account while buying a rug. If you choose a rug that is too small, it will look out of place in the space and serve no purpose. A rug that is too big, however, might not fit in the room at all or it might overpower it. Additionally, keep in mind that rugs aren't usually square. Some rugs that come in the shapes of oval and round can also look good in your space.

Best 5 rugs for 2022

Final words

These are the top rug trends and the top five rugs that are popular among homes around the globe in 2022. While some are new, others are just variants of earlier trends. We hope you discover your favorite rug aesthetic here and can add some contemporary flair to your spaces. To find the best quality rug, head to CasaOne online store. It is a one-stop destination for all your home decor needs. So, shop the trending rugs at CasaOne today!

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