moving homes

Moving homes can be rather stressful by itself, and the pandemic if anything, has made it all the more nerve-racking. While many have hit the pause button on this major decision, cities opening up in the past few months have encouraged people to take that leap of faith in moving into a new home or even a new city.

Of course, just like everything else, moving homes in these times comes with its set of new norms too. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of tips and suggestions to ensure your move is as safe and secure as can be. Keep reading to discover the ultimate guide to moving homes in the time of Corona.

Pack your things yourself

Packing by yourself will save you the effort of thoroughly disinfecting all your possessions once you unpack. If you’ve got a lot of stuff, get help to only pack the ones you may not need immediately, for instance, your floor lamps, bed linen, and non-essential utensils. For larger items such as your fridge or dishwasher, get professional help and ensure they spray or wipe them down with disinfectants upon delivery. Pack up books, clothes, and smaller household items yourself, so you can safely place them at your new home, after a quick wipe.

Get professional help

Bring on board movers and packers to help you safely transport your possessions. CasaOne’s professional crew can help with our trademark white-glove moving service to help you move without any hassles. Our modern trucks are impeccably clean and well maintained, so your order will be in very safe hands. To make things more convenient, you’ll be in touch with our 5-star customer service team, who will pay close attention to every little aspect of your move.

Maintain a safe 6-feet distance

While moving, it is understandable that professionals and even neighbors may help transfer your bags and boxes into a vehicle outside your home. Ensure there isn’t overcrowding of people, and always maintain a minimum of 6-feet distance from the next person. It might also be a clever idea to have just one person touch and carry a certain item or box to curb the spread of germs.

Stock up on protective gear and sanitizer

Have PPE such as masks, face shields, disinfectant wipes, disposable gloves handy for your family members, and others helping you with the move. Once you are done using any PPE, be sure to dispose of it safely and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds right after.

Mask up, always

masks for moving during pandemic

Ensure you’re always wearing a mask when you’re around people. If you’re going to be lifting heavy objects, we recommend using a cloth or surgical mask, instead of an N95, so you can breathe comfortably.

Conduct your transactions online

man making payment on phone during pandemic relocation

Speak to the vendors helping you with the move beforehand on their preferred mode of payment, and request for an online transaction. This will ensure smooth sailing on the day of moving and eliminate the chances of coming in contact with more people while making frequent trips to the ATM to withdraw money.

Get repairs in your new place are done in advance

To ensure further safety, request your landlord to complete minor repairs and fixes a few weeks before you move in. This will mean lesser footfall at your place once you’ve shifted, and more time to set it up the way you want to!

Have a separate plan for the elderly

If you live with senior citizens, make special arrangements for them to move out in advance. Arrange for their transport, pack their essentials, and safely drop them at your new home, while you figure out and manage the rest of the move.

Finally, sanitize and disinfect while unpacking

Douse all necessary belongings in sanitizer or wipe them with a disinfectant as you’re unpacking. This will ensure minimal risk of any virus lingering at your place.

Take advantage of our Ready-To-Move Packages

Our all-new Ready-To-Move packages are holistic furniture sets, designed to help you conveniently set up your new home. From the sofa to the mattress and everything in between, our packages take all your furniture and decor needs into consideration.

Whether you’re moving into a studio space or a 3-bedroom home, you’ll find a CasaOne Ready-To-Move package to do it up beautifully. All you’ll have to do is choose one for your home, sit back, and we will deliver all the furniture to your doorstep. Just the kind of convenience you need while moving homes in times like these!

Moving into a new home or city, especially to pursue a brand new opportunity, should be a wonderful experience that you cherish years later. We hope our guide helps you in going about this safely and making the most of this happy transition.