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A wedding is arguably one of the most important events in a person’s life and the pressure to get everything right can seem overwhelming. From finding the right caterer to finalizing the venue, there are a lot of moving parts that need to come together seamlessly to make your wedding day remarkable in every sense of the word. One such important consideration is the wedding furniture and that doesn’t just mean chairs for guests to sit on but everything else including bar stools, coffee tables, dining tables, and chairs for rehearsal dinners, wedding sofas, and much more. You also have to arrange table cloths, centerpieces, and other wedding decor items that complement your chosen furniture.

While wedding furniture rental is the solution to finding the perfect furniture for your big day, how you go about it is crucial. To help you find the best wedding furniture for rent, we have put together a handy guide that touches on everything from tips and tricks to a definitive plan of action to find the right furniture.

How to Find The Best Wedding Furniture for Rent?

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to find the best wedding furniture for rent:

wedding furniture for rent

1. The perfect wedding venue features a uniform look where all the elements including the furniture, decor items, drapings, are visually similar or complement each other. To achieve this, you need to decide on a wedding theme and then start looking for furniture that goes well with that theme. For instance, if you’re going with a rustic theme, you’ll need rustic wedding decor items and furniture like wooden dining tables and chairs, natural centerpieces, and more. On the other hand, if you’re going for a contemporary theme, Chivari chairs work perfectly with their sleek lines and modern design. Once you have the theme finalized, finding the perfect furniture becomes much easier.

2. The next step is to zero in on a furniture rental business that offers reliable wedding furniture rental services. To find a decent furniture rental business, do your research, look up reviews of the options you’re considering, and compare their pricing and offerings as well. If you’re looking to rent furniture for your wedding, CasaOne is a great option. We offer premium quality furniture for rent across different categories from some of the most renowned brands in the business. Some of the benefits of renting furniture from CasaOne include flexible rental plans, affordable prices, white-glove delivery, a furniture protection plan, and much more.

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3. Once you finalize the furniture vendor, you need to figure out what furniture and decor items you need and the quantity of these items as well. To do this, you need to know the number of guests who’ll attend the wedding and then plan the seating arrangements accordingly. Armed with the wedding theme and seating chart, you can easily find good quality wedding furniture for rent online. In terms of decor items, you can stick to the chosen theme or if you’re having trouble visualizing the scope of the wedding, hire the services of a wedding designer.

The Wedding Furniture Rental Checklist

Chairs and Tables: No wedding venue is complete without beautiful chairs and tables that don’t just offer seats to guests but add a lot of visual appeal. There are plenty of chairs you can choose from with Chivari chairs, ghost chairs, chairs with x back, and classic wooden chairs being the most popular options. In terms of tables, you can either pick something that goes with the chairs you’ve chosen or mix and match and get something that is unique. Some popular wedding table options include the classic round table, farm table, bar tables, bistro tables, and more.

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Bar Furniture: Chances are you’ll have a bar section at your wedding venue and it will need comfortable and stylish furniture that blends well with the wedding theme. From classy bar stools to rustic bar tables, you’ve plenty of great options to choose from. If you want something offbeat, you can also opt for a customizable bar table with graphics that fit your theme. CasaOne offers stunning bar stools and bar tables for rent at reasonable prices.

Lighting: Wedding parties often end up going on post dusk and you need proper lighting to keep things alive and entertaining. From quirky floor lamps to LED lights, there are plenty of lighting options you can choose from to brighten up your wedding venue. If you’re going for an opulent wedding, a massive glass chandelier right in the middle of the venue is a great option. Want something a little offbeat? An antler chandelier will do the trick. You can also rent lighting fixtures for weddings from CasaOne and take advantage of our exciting range of options.

Wedding Decor Items: Along with chairs, tables, and lighting, you also need actual decor items to add character to your wedding venue and make it your own. Pillows in colorful fabrics, clustered lanterns, monogrammed initials, quirky welcome signs, guest table centerpieces, head table centerpieces, vases and urns, and photo displays are just some of the decor items you can use to decorate your wedding venue. Your choice of wedding decor items depends majorly on the overarching theme you’ve chosen for the big day.

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Wedding Furniture Rental Tips & Tricks

  • Before you even start looking at vendors for furniture rental, create a vision board of what kind of furniture and furnishings you want for your wedding. Once you have a distinct visual idea for your wedding furniture, finding the perfect option will be a piece of cake.
  • If you have the time and budget, rehearse with the furniture a couple of weeks in advance and check if your chosen furniture works well for you. This allows you to change any particular furniture that isn’t working and replace it with something that does.
  • Interior design isn’t always easy to get right and if you’re struggling with finding the perfect furniture for your wedding, turn to an expert. CasaOne for design consultations with interior design experts who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • When looking at different wedding furniture options, consider your venue as well. If you’re getting married outdoors, the furniture you choose will be completely different from what you would choose if you were having an indoor wedding.

Make use of our in-depth guide to finding the best furniture for rent and make your big day truly special. If you need more help finding the right furniture for your wedding, speak to our experts today or browse our collection of rental furniture.

Got Questions?

  • How much does it cost to rent furniture for a wedding?

While the cost to rent furniture for a wedding depends on the vendor you choose, you can expect to pay the following rates: approximately $75 to $100 for a sofa, $25 to $50 for a chair, and $35 to $50 for an end table. Rent furniture for your wedding online from CasaOne and rent premium quality furniture at affordable rates.

  • Where to rent furniture for a wedding?

You can rent premium quality furniture online from CasaOne. CasaOne offers furniture for rent from some of the most popular brands at affordable rates. A few benefits of renting wedding furniture from CasaOne include white-glove delivery, flexible rental plans, one-on-one design consultation, and more.

  • What can I get for wedding decor items?

Some popular wedding decor items you can get for your wedding including chair decorations, send-off balloons, guestbook with table and pen, gift table, candles, sparklers and confetti, table centerpieces, vases, lanterns, and wedding cake stands.

  • What types of furniture are best for weddings?

A few common furniture types that are ideal for weddings include chairs for the wedding ceremony, round tables and matching chairs for the reception/dinner, bar stools and bar tables, gift tables, head table for the bride and groom, and more.

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