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With the arrival of the holiday season, it is a good time to revamp your living room. It is the heart of any house, a place where you can be friends with your kids, tea parties and sometimes your workspace. There is so much happening in the living room, why not try decorating it in a way that exudes warmth? A cosy living room is a necessity for winters.

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35 Ideas To Create A Cozy Living Room This Holiday Season

Did you know that your living room furnishing and decor play a huge role in making the place super inviting? It doesn’t matter if your living room space is big or small. If you pick the right furniture and lighting, you can make your living room feel like your own safe haven when it’s freezing cold outdoors. Here are some ways to make your living room cosy.

1. Sitting Cozy With An Armchair


The laid-back style of the armchair is quite popular and considered more elegant than a normal one. Don't shy away from embracing unique textures and materials like velvet for a cosier ambience. The choice of an armchair depends on personal preference. Whether you like working the whole day on your chair or love to play video games, choose the one that suits you.

2. Let The Natural Light In

curtains and drapes

In case your living room gets a lot of natural light, install larger windows. This makes your living room look bigger. It's a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having to step out. Use lighter fabric for curtains or cotton drapes as it helps to make the room feel warm and restful.

3. The Shape Of The Furniture Matters

For a cosy living room, use versatile furniture. Your furniture should be comfortable as well as useful. For example, an L-shaped sofa is a clever way to provide maximum seating for large numbers in a confined space; its shape also creates a sense of comfort. You can lie down and relax whenever you feel like it. Use furniture in such a way that they provide comfort.

4. Choose A Larger Rug

rectangular rug

Rugs should not be too small. They should always be larger than your furniture or they make the furniture look way too small. Square and rectangular rugs are good for defining space. But they have to be in perfect dimensions or they will look awkward. Whereas round rugs add a soft touch to the room.

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5. Pay Attention to the Height of the Seat

The height of the furniture seat matters. The seating should be even so that your feet can touch the ground. Furniture with very small legs looks bulky. The correct height of a chair will reduce strain and stress in the muscles. Different furniture could be of varying height. Opt for taller bookshelves or drawers as they add dimension to the room.

6. Using Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture gives ambience, luxury and comfort to your house. The important part is that it has a longer shelf life and requires low maintenance. It offers colours and fabrics of your choice. Moreover, it helps cut down on waste and the use of resources. It is a sustainable option.

7. Don't Choose The Cheap Material

Cheap material like steel for furniture or cotton for fabric isn't a good choice. They can wear out easily and don't give an elegant and warm look. Instead, try using unique textures like velvet and silk. If they seem too hard to maintain, you may go for polyester.

8. Get a LIVING ROOM lamp

living room light

Modern living rooms don't have lamps anymore because of the LEDs. But lamps are not out of style. Living rooms are the centre of attraction of any house. To make it cosy, use lamps with ambient light. Lamps enhance the visuals of a room. You can also use chandeliers to make your room look lavish.

9. Introduce the Right Curtains

A roman shade of curtain goes well with neutral wall colours. Sheer curtains balance out the minimalist living room. Wooden rods warm up white drapes. You can also use a black rod or a metallic texture.

10. Monochromatic Wall Colours

monochromatic wall color

Monochrome is a popular trend right now and it is not going to stop. Use a variety of shades and textures of a single colour in the entire room. Red, yellow, green and aqua are some good colours, to begin with. However, it is not for everyone. It can make your living room look boring if done poorly.

11. A Metallic Touch

Metallic decor is the perfect way to spice up the walls of your living room. Decorative metal panels go well with vintage houses. Gold wall decor suits dark walls like grey. Go for geometric decor if you have a vibrant room.

12. Carpets with Textures

textured carpet

A woollen carpet adds warmth and comfort to the living room. Use different textures and patterns to make a bold statement. Layer it with an additional rug. It will create a look with a variety of textures. Use a faint or neutral tone for a small space paired with glass tables and stools. The boho theme is great for matching with cosy couches.

13. Antique and Vintage Decor

Your living space should move you and your loved ones to spend time together, doing fun things and chatting. The vintage and antique decor are perfect for your living room as it reminds you of days when families spent more time together at home.

Warm colours and lights can add charm to this decor. Natural lights and plants would be a great addition.

14. Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa can be stylish and also be used for resting. This makes your living room additionally cosy. A fold-down sofa or L-shaped sofa is the best option for a sleeper sofa.

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15. Reconsider Dark Colours

Dark decor is a bold decision but you should reconsider it before jumping on the bandwagon. If you have got a small space, it will make it look even smaller. Touch-ups and re-paintings are very difficult.

16. Neutral Colour Palette with Bold Colours

neutral and bold colors

Colours affect the way your space looks. It also has an impact on how you feel. White with dark undertones like olive and gold gives a cool and relaxing vibe to the room. Moreover, these tones help in bringing down the stress level.

17. Ottoman with a lid

This piece of furniture is a real gem. It can be used as a coffee table, as a footstool or for emergency use. The lid gives you a lot of storage space where you can store magazines for guests. Not only this, you can store things of daily necessity and even toys.

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18. Seating nooks are back

window nook

Nooks would be a great addition to your living room for reading, playing, relaxing or chatting. Famous in the 1930s, they are back in trend. A window nook is the best idea. It is even better if the window nook is inside the arch. You can add a lamp or shelves to make it more rustic.

19. Cozy Coffee Table

The right coffee table makes a cosy living room even cosier. A coffee table has multiple purposes like storage, display and elegant look. Wooden or metallic coffee tables are the most trendy ones and can complement your living room perfectly.

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20. Hang A Mirror

living room mirror

Most people think that mirrors belong in our bedrooms and bathrooms. However, a mirror in the living room can add a personal touch. Install the mirror opposite the window if you have a small living room. It makes the space look bigger. Small, decorative mirrors can also be used in the hallway. Use a full-size mirror in the corner of the room.

21. Decorating with Flower Vase

White flowers are the safest option if you have no clue about flower decor. The cocktail style of decor is suitable for parties. If you want your coffee table to be the centre of attraction, choose a vibrant colour with a big vase.

22. Fireplace Decor

fireplace decor

Get creative with your fireplace. Give it life by adding a small flower vase on either side. Try stacking up your favourite books. Use modern sleek decor for an antique fireplace. Put a round mirror if your fireplace looks empty. If you have got a modern fireplace, use metallic decors on the top.

23. Pilling up Blankets

Good quality blankets are best when you can add warmth and closeness to your living room. They are useful throughout the year. There are different kinds of blankets you can pair with depending upon the need.

24. Lighting up with Candles

candle decor

Candles are a great way to rejuvenate your living room. Elegant, simple and cheap but still candles never go out of style. Using candles can complement your furniture too. Spice up your living room with fresh scents like fruit and floral flavours or use a combination of scents to lift your mood.

25. Why not a Library

Books are more than habits or a collection in your house. They tell you about your personality. They tell the guests what kind of readers you are. Why not display your favourite books in a classy way? Creating a small library in the living room means beautifully showcasing yourself. The books also make you want to cuddle up in a corner and read. What else does one want for comfortable winters, anyways?

26. Eclectic Wallpapers are in

eclectic wallpaper

If you want-drawn a bold statement for your guests, eclectic wallpaper is your best friend. You can go for hand-drawn patterns and elements if you love art. Printed wallpapers enhance the style of your room. Use floral wallpaper if your living room looks empty. Choose warm colours for a cosy ambience.

27. A Cozy Fireplace

A fireplace is not a requirement for a living room. Traditional, farmhouse or modern, no matter what your style is, a fireplace can fit everywhere. If your living room is monochromatic, bricks won’t necessarily complement them. Try painting bricks a darker colour than the walls and furniture.

28. A Touch of Dark Furniture

dark furniture

Dark furniture creates a welcoming, elegant, and modern atmosphere in your living room. Dark or black furniture is in trend. But make sure not to overdo it. They can make visitors feel cold, overbearing or even gothic.

29. Use a Fabric Covered Sofa

Velvet or leather sofas are not popular anymore. They are replaced with fabric covers with stripes and patterns. Use silk or rayon fabric for a luxurious look. In case it's too hard to maintain, use polyester. Pile cushions with contrasting colours and textures.

30. Display your Collections

decor display

You can display small ceramics over the fireplace and bigger ones in a dresser. You can even have your expensive crockery set on the wall. Colour code your collection of bottles and ceramics and create a rainbow effect. Use a wooden or metallic display case for fragile collections. Adding warm lights to the display will create a warm and comfortable vibe.

31. Getting Plants

Using plants for decor is not a new thing. Plants like lemon, moth, like, lucky bamboo, orchid, and majesty palm are quite popular. You can use flowering plants like China rose, ornamental pepper plant, and florist cyclamen to add colours to the room.

Air purifying plants are a great way to purify the air by filtering toxins and pollutants. They offer fresh air and are worth investing in. These include dragon tree, peace lily, and Mother in law's tongue. The table-top plants are becoming a popular option too as living room decor. They help in enhancing the beauty of the living room. Philodendron, ficus Benjamina and devil’s ivy are popular options.

32. Exposed Walls

exposed brick walls

Exposed brick walls come in different designs and textures. They even give different looks such as modern or industrial. They can add elegance and personality to a boring living room. It will be perfect for those who don't appreciate the modern interior style a lot.

33. Adding Pillows and Cushions

If you want a cosy living room, investing in pillows and cushions can be a great decision. Don't forget to pay attention to the colour choice. The right colours can make your living room look peaceful. Don't go for the same sizes of pillows. Rather, mix it up with different shapes and sizes. They add depth and interest to your living room. That’s a perfect way to coordinate your cushions.

34. A Warm Colour Palette

warm colour palette

A warm colour palette adds a welcoming and cosy mood to your living room. Neutral warm tones like warm grey or white suit the walls if you have big windows. Pink, red and yellow can turn your living room into a comfortable retreat.

35. Choosing the Correct Fabric

Silk is an expensive fabric that looks classic and elegant. But it is quite hard to maintain and a bit clumsy. Rayon is similar to silk in texture but maintainable and sturdy. It can be used in upholstery and curtains. Cotton is not expensive but is labelled as inelegant.

Polyester is good if you are on a budget. It's resistant to stains as well. Wool is also a good choice if you use rugs and blankets. It also feels soft, adding to the cosiness.

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