A boho chic living room with eclectic furniture

The Bohemian chic aesthetic is often described as carefree, unusual and eclectic. Think poppy colors, unconventional designs and a visual aesthetic you can’t categorize or define. Another highlight of the famed boho chic decor? No two rooms in your house will look the same!

What sets boho chic decor apart from the rest is the pronounced emphasis on personal style and the combination of colors, patterns and objects from around the world. A boho chic living room could have a rug from Italy, a coffee table from China, light fixtures from a local pawnshop, and yet these different elements come together spectacularly to create a functional space. Planning on designing your living room with a strong boho chic influence? We’ve put together some neat tips and tricks you can follow.

Carpet Vision

A regular fixture in most boho chic living room setups is an oversized patterned rug. Not only is a rug comfortable to walk on but it also adds a distinct visual appeal to the living room. When choosing the color of your rug, consider the walls. If you’re opting for white or similarly soft colors, pick a darker color rug for the perfect contrast. You can also use two rugs, one bigger which goes under the chairs and table, and a smaller one that’s more visually prominent.

Color Play

Colorful boho chic inspired living room

Colors can make or break the look of your living room. While the boho chic aesthetic allows you all the freedom in the world to choose any color you want, you need to be mindful of a few things when it comes to the room’s color palette. If you’re opting for white as the primary wall color, avoid pure white since it’s more modern than boho chic. Instead opt for distant cousins such as off-white, taupe, pale pink or yellow, faded grey and similar subtle hues. A toned down color palette is also great if you’re planning on using colorful artifacts and elements in the room.

Mix & (Don’t) Match

Yup, you read that right. Unlike any other style or theme, the idea behind any boho chic decor is to mix different elements without mindlessly attempting to match them. The essence of boho chic style is taking pieces and elements from different periods and regions and placing them in a way that appeals to your sensibilities. Mix the upholstery as well, using a mix of natural, leather and vibrant to give the impression of intentionally mixed pieces.

Texture Toss

Living room design with different textures and colors

A boho-chic living room should be warm and inviting not just visually but also in terms of its touch. To give your living room an organic, boho-inspired tactility, opt for vibrant textures like burlap, wool, leather, fringe, woven grasses, shearing and any other fur-like material. Given that the boho chic aesthetic is all about subtlety, remember that when you pick different textures for your living room.

Personal Matters

Boho chic style is about visually expressing your personality through different colors, patterns, and textures. Without the presence of strict rules that need to be followed, your boho chic living room project can turn into an expression of yourself. Add little artifacts and paraphernalia, display your hobbies, and other physical manifestations of treasured moments that define you. At the end of the day, there’s nothing as boho chic as being your best personal self and letting that reflect in your living room decor.

Vintage Appeal

Vintage decor can work exceptionally well to bring a sense of history and personal expression to your boho chic living room. The rich texture afforded by vintage pieces also makes them a great choice if boho chic is your goal. An old wooden trunk can double as a coffee table, a wooden ladder can be repurposed as a bookshelf, and you can even create your own light fixture using jute baskets! All you need to do is source some vintage pieces and find a purpose for them in your living room.

Design your living room is boho-chic style with these easy tips. Remember, there are no rules. As long as you’re happy with what you create, you have got yourself a superb boho chic living room.

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