Modern small bedroom design in contemporary colors

Stuck in a cozy apartment with a small bedroom? Or moving into a new house with a smaller than usual bedroom? Small ain’t always bad, especially if you can get your creative juices flowing and transform your small bedroom into a warm cocoon of comfort that’s also aesthetically pleasing. All it takes is some careful planning and a couple of great small bedroom design ideas. To help you with the latter, we have put together a few small bedroom design ideas.

Color Play

Classic small bedroom design in all-white

The biggest drawback of a small bedroom is the often pesky feeling of being in a confined space. To remedy this, opt for an all-white color palette. Use different shades of white and mix them with soft-cremes to create a fresh, lively atmosphere, and make your small bedroom feel larger. If white is not your preferred color, opt for bold hues that’ll draw attention away from the size of the room.

Ceiling Showcase

Small bedroom design with sloped ceiling

A popular small bedroom design idea is to highlight the room’s ceiling. Most tiny houses have sloped or offbeat shaped ceilings, making them the perfect vessel for a patterned design. The design you choose for the ceiling depends on your goal. For instance, opt for gold polka dots on a white ceiling if you want to elevate the appearance of the ceiling.

DIY Everything

Given the space constraints in a small bedroom, there aren’t a lot of leeways when it comes to accessories and paraphernalia. Your best option? DIY! Want a bedside table but there’s only enough space for the top and not the legs? Firmly attach the tabletop to the wall and use it as a mini nightstand. In terms of decor, opt for hanging objects to help free up valuable floor space. In fact, you can even opt for a hanging nightstand and use the floor space for a bigger bed.

The Stripe Illusion

Stripes make small bedrooms looks larger

Here's a nifty magic trick to make your small bedroom appear bigger: use stripes on the wall either in the form of paint, wood paneling or floor rugs. The stripes work wonders and create the illusion of a bigger space than actual. While this doesn't physically make your bedroom bigger, you'll also not feel like you're in a shoebox. Remember to pick the colors of the stripes according to your overall palette and avoid going for harsh colors.

Illuminate with Scones

Every bedroom, no matter the size, needs a good bedside lamp. If you have a small bedroom, use scones to illuminate your bedside. Scones are great because they are wall mounted and don’t take up any space and also because they are available in an impressive variety of designs and colors.

The Art of Minimalism

Minimalism is the way forward in small bedroom design

When you have limited floor space in your bedroom, you need to be smart about furniture selection and arrangement. One easy way to do that is to opt for items that can double as something else. For instance, a bed with storage boxes or a table with built in cabinets for your stationery and other belongings. Another popular option if you have a small bedroom is a Murphy bed. These convenient things can be attached to the wall when not in use and simply pulled down when it's time for bed.

Make use of these small bedroom design ideas to turn the room you spend the majority of your day into a pleasant and charming haven. If you're confused about where to find furniture for your bedroom, CasaOne can help! We offer premium quality bedroom furniture on rent at reasonable prices. Looking for more ideas to decorate your small bedroom? Reach out to our team of furniture experts today for a design consultation!

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